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FreeBSD 2.2 Release Notes
1. What's new since 2.1.7
Lots of installation bugs fixed, more pc98 changes syncronized, geeze,
what else?
gdb 4.16 has been merged from -current, most of the third-party source
now lives under /usr/src/contrib.
Updated support for the DEC DEFPA/DEFEA FDDI hardware.
The old ``HAVE_FPU'' Makefile option is now finally gone, the selection
between the math library using the floating point emulator, and the
version using the co-processor is now fully automatic. This will speed
up floating-point using programs on sites that didn't like to recompile
their `libm' previously.
Javier Martin Rueda's `ex' driver has been merged, bringing support
for the Intel EtherExpress Pro/10 network cards.
The `de' driver now recognizes cards using the DE21140A chip, like the
popular SMC9332BDT (10/100 Mbit/s) one.
There's now a workaround for the brokeness of the frequently used
CMD640 PCI IDE chip in the sources, albeit still disabled by default
in 2.2.
The number of EISA slots to probe is now a fully supported option,
including the ability to save the value from a UserConfig session
This helps owners of HP NetServer LC machines to
install the system on their hardware.
Support for the SDL RISCom N2pci sync serial card.
Support for Cyclades Cyclom-Y (multi-port async serial) PCI adaptors
as well as multiple controllers and the 32-Y (if you are currently using
the Cyclades serial adapter, you should re-make your /dev entries and
remove the old ones).
Updated support for ethernet adaptors which use the DEC DC21X4X chipset.
Update to gcc & add support for weak symbols.
Many things moved/brought into /usr/src/contrib, updating and
cleaning up the source tree accordingly.
Support for compiled-in shared library ld paths.
Update sgmlfmt to `instant'.
Support for SNMP-style interface MIBs, including full RFC
1650-compliant MIBs for the `de' (DEC 21x4x) and `ed' (SMC/WD/Novell)
/stand/sysinstall moved even more towards becoming a more general
system management tool.