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In general, most FreeBSD Documentation Project work will be done within the <filename>head/</filename> branch of the documentation source tree.
FreeBSD documentation is written and/or translated to various languages, each in a separate directory in the <filename>head/</filename> branch.
Each translation set contains several subdirectories for the various parts of the FreeBSD Documentation Project. A few noteworthy directories are:
<emphasis>/articles/</emphasis> contains the source code for articles written by various FreeBSD contributors.
<emphasis>/books/</emphasis> contains the source code for the different books, such as the FreeBSD Handbook.
<emphasis>/htdocs/</emphasis> contains the source code for the FreeBSD website.
FreeBSD Ports Tree Branches and Layout
In <literal>svn+ssh://</literal>, <emphasis>ports</emphasis> refers to the repository root of the ports tree.
In general, most FreeBSD port work will be done within the <filename>head/</filename> branch of the ports tree which is the actual ports tree used to install software. Some other key locations are:
<emphasis>/branches/RELENG_<replaceable>n_n_n</replaceable></emphasis> which corresponds to <literal>RELENG_<replaceable>n_n_n</replaceable></literal> is used to merge back security updates in preparation for a release.
<emphasis>/tags/RELEASE_<replaceable>n_n_n</replaceable></emphasis> which corresponds to <literal>RELEASE_<replaceable>n_n_n</replaceable></literal> represents a release tag of the ports tree.



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