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Trivial and <emphasis>tested</emphasis> build and runtime fixes.
Documentations or metadata changes to ports, like <filename>pkg-descr</filename> or <varname>COMMENT</varname>.
Exceptions to this are anything maintained by the Ports Management Team <email></email>, or the Security Officer Team <email></email>. No unauthorized commits may ever be made to ports maintained by those groups.
How do I know if my port is building correctly or not?
The packages are built multiple times each week. If a port fails, the maintainer will receive an email from <literal></literal>.
Reports for all the package builds (official, experimental, and non-regression) are aggregated at <link xlink:href=""></link>.
I added a new port. Do I need to add it to the <filename>INDEX</filename>?
No. The file can either be generated by running <command>make index</command>, or a pre-generated version can be downloaded with <command>make fetchindex</command>.
Are there any other files I am not allowed to touch?
Any file directly under <filename>ports/</filename>, or any file under a subdirectory that starts with an uppercase letter (<filename>Mk/</filename>, <filename>Tools/</filename>, etc.). In particular, the Ports Management Team <email></email> is very protective of <filename>ports/Mk/bsd.port*.mk</filename> so do not commit changes to those files unless you want to face their wrath.
What is the proper procedure for updating the checksum for a port distfile when the file changes without a version change?
When the checksum for a distribution file is updated due to the author updating the file without changing the port revision, the commit message includes a summary of the relevant diffs between the original and new distfile to ensure that the distfile has not been corrupted or maliciously altered. If the current version of the port has been in the ports tree for a while, a copy of the old distfile will usually be available on the ftp servers; otherwise the author or maintainer should be contacted to find out why the distfile has changed.
How can an experimental test build of the ports tree (<emphasis>exp-run</emphasis>) be requested?
An exp-run must be completed before patches with a significant ports impact are committed. The patch can be against the ports tree or the base system.
Full package builds will be done with the patches provided by the submitter, and the submitter is required to fix detected problems (<emphasis>fallout</emphasis>) before commit.
Go to the <link xlink:href="">Bugzilla new <acronym>PR</acronym> page</link>.
Select the product your patch is about.
Fill in the bug report as normal. Remember to attach the patch.
If at the top it says <quote>Show Advanced Fields</quote> click on it. It will now say <quote>Hide Advanced Fields</quote>. Many new fields will be available. If it already says <quote>Hide Advanced Fields</quote>, no need to do anything.
In the <quote>Flags</quote> section, set the <quote>exp-run</quote> one to <literal>?</literal>. As for all other fields, hovering the mouse over any field shows more details.
Submit. Wait for the build to run.
Ports Management Team <email></email> will reply with a possible fallout.
Depending on the fallout:
If there is no fallout, the procedure stops here, and the change can be committed, pending any other approval required.
If there is fallout, it <emphasis>must</emphasis> be fixed, either by fixing the ports directly in the ports tree, or adding to the submitted patch.
When this is done, go back to step 6 saying the fallout was fixed and wait for the exp-run to be run again. Repeat as long as there are broken ports.
Issues Specific to Developers Who Are Not Committers
A few people who have access to the FreeBSD machines do not have commit bits. Almost all of this document will apply to these developers as well (except things specific to commits and the mailing list memberships that go with them). In particular, we recommend that you read:
<link linkend="admin">Administrative Details</link>
<link linkend="conventions-everyone">Conventions</link>
Get your mentor to add you to the <quote>Additional Contributors</quote> (<filename>doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/contributors/contrib.additional.xml</filename>), if you are not already listed there.


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