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Accept correction. We are all fallible. When you have made a mistake, apologize and get on with life. Do not beat up yourself, and certainly do not beat up others for your mistake. Do not waste time on embarrassment or recrimination, just fix the problem and move on.
Ask for help. Seek out (and give) peer reviews. One of the ways open source software is supposed to excel is in the number of eyeballs applied to it; this does not apply if nobody will review code.
If in Doubt...
When unsure about something, whether it be a technical issue or a project convention be sure to ask. If you stay silent you will never make progress.
If it relates to a technical issue ask on the public mailing lists. Avoid the temptation to email the individual person that knows the answer. This way everyone will be able to learn from the question and the answer.
For project specific or administrative questions ask, in order:
Your mentor or former mentor.
An experienced committer on IRC, email, etc.
Any team with a "hat", as they can give you a definitive answer.
If still not sure, ask on FreeBSD developers mailing list.
Once your question is answered, if no one pointed you to documentation that spelled out the answer to your question, document it, as others will have the same question.
The FreeBSD Project utilizes <application>Bugzilla</application> for tracking bugs and change requests. Be sure that if you commit a fix or suggestion found in the PR database to close it. It is also considered nice if you take time to close any PRs associated with your commits, if appropriate.
Committers with non-<systemitem class="domainname"></systemitem> Bugzilla accounts can have the old account merged with the <systemitem class="domainname"></systemitem> account by following these steps:
Log in using your old account.
Open new bug. Choose <literal>Services</literal> as the Product, and <literal>Bug Tracker</literal> as the Component. In bug description list accounts you wish to be merged.
Log in using <systemitem class="domainname"></systemitem> account and post comment to newly opened bug to confirm ownership. See <xref linkend="kerberos-ldap"/> for more details on how to generate or set a password for your <systemitem class="domainname"></systemitem> account.
If there are more than two accounts to merge, post comments from each of them.
You can find out more about <application>Bugzilla</application> at:
<link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/pr-guidelines/index.html">FreeBSD Problem Report Handling Guidelines</link>
<link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/support.html"></link>
The FreeBSD Project utilizes <link xlink:href="">Phabricator</link> for code review requests. See the <link xlink:href="">CodeReview</link> wiki page for details.
Committers with non-<systemitem class="domainname"></systemitem> Phabricator accounts can have the old account renamed to the <systemitem class="domainname"></systemitem> account by following these steps:
Change your <application>Phabricator</application> account email to your <systemitem class="domainname"></systemitem> email.
Open new bug on our bug tracker using your <systemitem class="domainname"></systemitem> account, see <xref linkend="bugzilla"/> for more information. Choose <literal>Services</literal> as the Product, and <literal>Code Review</literal> as the Component. In bug description request that your <application>Phabricator</application> account be renamed, and provide a link to your <application>Phabricator</application> user. For example, <literal><replaceable></replaceable>/</literal>
<application>Phabricator</application> accounts cannot be merged, please do not open a new account.
Who's Who
Besides the repository meisters, there are other FreeBSD project members and teams whom you will probably get to know in your role as a committer. Briefly, and by no means all-inclusively, these are:
Documentation Engineering Team <email></email>
doceng is the group responsible for the documentation build infrastructure, approving new documentation committers, and ensuring that the FreeBSD website and documentation on the FTP site is up to date with respect to the <application>subversion</application> tree. It is not a conflict resolution body. The vast majority of documentation related discussion takes place on the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD documentation project mailing list</link>. More details regarding the doceng team can be found in its <link xlink:href="">charter</link>. Committers interested in contributing to the documentation should familiarize themselves with the <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/fdp-primer/index.html">Documentation Project Primer</link>.


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