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A few people who have access to the FreeBSD machines do not have commit bits. Almost all of this document will apply to these developers as well (except things specific to commits and the mailing list memberships that go with them). In particular, we recommend that you read:
<link linkend="admin">Administrative Details</link>
<link linkend="conventions-everyone">Conventions</link>
Get your mentor to add you to the <quote>Additional Contributors</quote> (<filename>doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/contributors/contrib.additional.xml</filename>), if you are not already listed there.
<link linkend="developer.relations">Developer Relations</link>
<link linkend="">SSH Quick-Start Guide</link>
<link linkend="rules">The FreeBSD Committers' Big List of Rules</link>
Information About Google Analytics
As of December 12, 2012, Google Analytics was enabled on the FreeBSD Project website to collect anonymized usage statistics regarding usage of the site. The information collected is valuable to the FreeBSD Documentation Project, to identify various problems on the FreeBSD website.
Google Analytics General Policy
The FreeBSD Project takes visitor privacy very seriously. As such, the FreeBSD Project website honors the <quote>Do Not Track</quote> header <emphasis>before</emphasis> fetching the tracking code from Google. For more information, please see the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD Privacy Policy</link>.
Google Analytics access is <emphasis>not</emphasis> arbitrarily allowed — access must be requested, voted on by the Documentation Engineering Team <email></email>, and explicitly granted.
Requests for Google Analytics data must include a specific purpose. For example, a valid reason for requesting access would be <quote>to see the most frequently used web browsers when viewing FreeBSD web pages to ensure page rendering speeds are acceptable.</quote>
Conversely, <quote>to see what web browsers are most frequently used</quote> (without stating <emphasis>why</emphasis>) would be rejected.
All requests must include the timeframe for which the data would be required. For example, it must be explicitly stated if the requested data would be needed for a timeframe covering a span of 3 weeks, or if the request would be one-time only.
Any request for Google Analytics data without a clear, reasonable reason beneficial to the FreeBSD Project will be rejected.
Data Available Through Google Analytics
A few examples of the types of Google Analytics data available include:
Commonly used web browsers
Page load times
Site access by language
How do I add a new file to a branch?
To add a file onto a branch, simply checkout or update to the branch you want to add to and then add the file using the add operation as you normally would. This works fine for the <literal>doc</literal> and <literal>ports</literal> trees. The <literal>src</literal> tree uses SVN and requires more care because of the <literal>mergeinfo</literal> properties. See the <link linkend="subversion-primer">Subversion Primer</link> for details on how to perform an MFC.
How do I access <systemitem class="fqdomainname"></systemitem> to put up personal or project information?
<systemitem class="fqdomainname"></systemitem> is the same as <systemitem class="fqdomainname"></systemitem>. Just create a <filename>public_html</filename> directory. Anything you place in that directory will automatically be visible under <uri xlink:href=""></uri>.
Where are the mailing list archives stored?
The mailing lists are archived under <filename>/local/mail</filename> on <systemitem class="fqdomainname"></systemitem>.
I would like to mentor a new committer. What process do I need to follow?
See the <link xlink:href="">New Account Creation Procedure</link> document on the internal pages.
Benefits and Perks for FreeBSD Committers


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