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Adding/fixing <varname>CONFLICTS</varname>.
Web Browsers, browser plugins, and their required dependencies.
Commits that are not covered by these blanket approvals always require explicit approval of either Ports Security Team <email></email> or Ports Management Team <email></email>.
What is the procedure for merging commits to the quarterly branch?
A script is provided to automate merging a specific commit: <filename>ports/Tools/scripts/mfh</filename>. It is used as follows:
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput>/usr/ports/Tools/scripts/mfh 380362</userinput>
U 2015Q1
Checked out revision 380443.
A 2015Q1/security
Updating '2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit':
A 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit
A 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/Makefile
A 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/distinfo
A 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/pkg-descr
Updated to revision 380443.
--- Merging r380362 into '2015Q1':
U 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/Makefile
U 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/distinfo
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r380362 into '2015Q1':
U 2015Q1
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r380362 into '2015Q1/security':
G 2015Q1/security
--- Eliding mergeinfo from '2015Q1/security':
U 2015Q1/security
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r380362 into '2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit':
G 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit
--- Eliding mergeinfo from '2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit':
U 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit
M 2015Q1
M 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/Makefile
M 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/distinfo
Index: 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/Makefile
--- 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/Makefile (revision 380443)
+++ 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/Makefile (working copy)
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# $FreeBSD: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/article.xml 54315 2020-07-07 10:11:37Z brueffer $

PORTNAME= sshkit
CATEGORIES= security rubygems

Index: 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/distinfo
--- 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/distinfo (revision 380443)
+++ 2015Q1/security/rubygem-sshkit/distinfo (working copy)
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
-SHA256 (rubygem/sshkit-1.6.1.gem) = 8ca67e46bb4ea50fdb0553cda77552f3e41b17a5aa919877d93875dfa22c03a7
-SIZE (rubygem/sshkit-1.6.1.gem) = 135680
+SHA256 (rubygem/sshkit-1.7.0.gem) = 90effd1813363bae7355f4a45ebc8335a8ca74acc8d0933ba6ee6d40f281a2cf
+SIZE (rubygem/sshkit-1.7.0.gem) = 136192
Index: 2015Q1
--- 2015Q1 (revision 380443)
+++ 2015Q1 (working copy)

Property changes on: 2015Q1
Modified: svn:mergeinfo
Merged /head:r380362
Do you want to commit? (no = start a shell) [y/n]
At that point, the script will either open a shell for you to fix things, or open your text editor with the commit message all prepared and then commit the merge.
The script assumes that you can connect to <literal></literal> with <application>SSH</application> directly, so if your local login name is different than your FreeBSD cluster account, you need a few lines in your <filename>~/.ssh/config</filename>:
Host *
User <replaceable>freebsd-login</replaceable>
The script is also able to merge more than one revision at a time. If there have been other updates to the port since the branch was created that have not been merged because they were not security related. Add the different revisions <emphasis>in the order they were committed</emphasis> on the <command>mfh</command> line. The new commit log message will contain the combined log messages from all the original commits. These messages <emphasis>must</emphasis> be edited to show what is actually being done with the new commit.
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput>/usr/ports/Tools/scripts/mfh r407208 r407713 r407722 r408567 r408943 r410728</userinput>



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