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To receive an e-mail reminder to <acronym>MFC</acronym> at a later date, specify the number of days, weeks, or months after which an <acronym>MFC</acronym> is planned.
<literal>MFC to:</literal>
If the commit should be merged to a subset of stable branches, specify the branch names.
<literal>MFC with:</literal>
If the commit should be merged together with a previous one in a single <acronym>MFC</acronym> commit (for example, where this commit corrects a bug in the previous change), specify the corresponding revision number.
If the change is a candidate for inclusion in the release notes for the next release from the branch, set to <literal>yes</literal>.
If the change is related to a security vulnerability or security exposure, include one or more references or a description of the issue. If possible, include a VuXML URL or a CVE ID.
The description for the event where this commit was made. If this is a recurring event, add the year or even the month to it. For example, this could be <literal>FooBSDcon 2019</literal>. The idea behind this line is to put recognition to conferences, gatherings, and other types of meetups and to show that these are useful to have. Please do not use the <literal>Sponsored by:</literal> line for this as that is meant for organizations sponsoring certain features or developers working on them.
<literal>Differential Revision:</literal>
The full URL of the Phabricator review. This line <emphasis>must be the last line</emphasis>. For example: <literal></literal>.
Commit Log for a Commit Based on a PR
The commit is based on a patch from a PR submitted by John Smith. The commit message <quote>PR</quote> and <quote>Submitted by</quote> fields are filled..

PR: 12345
Submitted by: John Smith &lt;;
Commit Log for a Commit Needing Review
The virtual memory system is being changed. After posting patches to the appropriate mailing list (in this case, <literal>freebsd-arch</literal>) and the changes have been approved.

Reviewed by: -arch
Commit Log for a Commit Needing Approval
Commit a port, after working with the listed MAINTAINER, who said to go ahead and commit.

Approved by: <replaceable>abc</replaceable> (maintainer)
Where <replaceable>abc</replaceable> is the account name of the person who approved.
Commit Log for a Commit Bringing in Code from OpenBSD
Committing some code based on work done in the OpenBSD project.

Obtained from: OpenBSD
Commit Log for a Change to FreeBSD-CURRENT with a Planned Commit to FreeBSD-STABLE to Follow at a Later Date.
Committing some code which will be merged from FreeBSD-CURRENT into the FreeBSD-STABLE branch after two weeks.

MFC after: <replaceable>2 weeks</replaceable>
Where <replaceable>2</replaceable> is the number of days, weeks, or months after which an <acronym>MFC</acronym> is planned. The <replaceable>weeks</replaceable> option may be <literal>day</literal>, <literal>days</literal>, <literal>week</literal>, <literal>weeks</literal>, <literal>month</literal>, <literal>months</literal>.
It is often necessary to combine these.


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