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The <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD Ports distfile scanner</link> can show you ports for which the distfiles are not fetchable. You can check on your own ports or use it to find ports that need their <varname>MASTER_SITES</varname> updated.
<package>ports-mgmt/poudriere</package> is the most thorough way to test a port through the entire cycle of installation, packaging, and deinstallation. Documentation is located at the <link xlink:href=""> poudriere github repository</link>
<citerefentry vendor="ports"><refentrytitle>portlint</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry> is an application which can be used to verify that your port conforms to many important stylistic and functional guidelines. <application>portlint</application> is a simple heuristic application, so you should use it <emphasis>only as a guide</emphasis>. If <application>portlint</application> suggests changes which seem unreasonable, consult the <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook">Porter's Handbook</link> or ask for advice.
The <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD ports mailing list</link> is for general ports-related discussion. It is a good place to ask for help. You can <link xlink:href="">subscribe, or read and search the list archives</link>. Reading the archives of the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD ports bugs mailing list</link> and the <link xlink:href="">SVN commit messages for the ports tree for head/</link> may also be of interest.
Getting Started in Other Areas
Looking for something interesting to get started that is not mentioned elsewhere in this article? The FreeBSD Project has several Wiki pages containing areas within which new contributors can get ideas on how to get started.
The <link xlink:href="">Junior Jobs</link> page has a list of projects that might be of interest to people just getting started in FreeBSD, and want to work on interesting things to get their feet wet.
The <link xlink:href="">Ideas Page</link> contains various "nice to have" or "interesting" things to work on in the Project.



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