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Larry M. Augustin contributed not only a Symbios Sym8751S SCSI card, but also a set of data books, including one about the forthcoming Sym53c895 chip with Ultra-2 and LVD support, and the latest programming manual with information on how to safely use the advanced features of the latest Symbios SCSI chips. Thanks a lot!
Christoph P. Kukulies <email></email> donated an FX120 12 speed Mitsumi CDROM drive for IDE CDROM driver development.
Mike Tancsa <email></email> donated four various ATM PCI cards in order to help increase support of these cards as well as help support the development effort of the netatm ATM stack.
<emphasis>Special contributors:</emphasis>
<link xlink:href="">BSDi</link> (formerly Walnut Creek CDROM) has donated almost more than we can say (see the 'About the FreeBSD Project' section of the <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/index.html">FreeBSD Handbook</link> for more details). In particular, we would like to thank them for the original hardware used for <systemitem class="fqdomainname"></systemitem>, our primary development machine, and for <systemitem class="fqdomainname"></systemitem>, a testing and build box. We are also indebted to them for funding various contributors over the years and providing us with unrestricted use of their T1 connection to the Internet.
The <link xlink:href="">interface business GmbH, Dresden</link> has been patiently supporting Jörg Wunsch <email></email> who has often preferred FreeBSD work over paid work, and used to fall back to their (quite expensive) EUnet Internet connection whenever his private connection became too slow or flaky to work with it...
<link xlink:href="">Berkeley Software Design, Inc.</link> has contributed their DOS emulator code to the remaining BSD world, which is used in the <emphasis>doscmd</emphasis> command.
The FreeBSD Developers
These are the people who have commit privileges and do the engineering work on the FreeBSD source tree. All core team members are also developers.
(in alphabetical order by last name):
Eitan Adler <email></email>


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