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Herb Peyerl <email></email>
Context English Portuguese (Brazil) State
Andrew Moore <email></email> Andrew Moore <email></email>
Andy Valencia <email></email> <email></email> Andy Valencia <email></email> <email></email>
Bakul Shah <email></email> Bakul Shah <email></email>
Barry Irwin <email></email> Barry Irwin <email></email>
Bob Wilcox <email>bob@obiwan.uucp</email> Bob Wilcox <email>bob@obiwan.uucp</email>
Branko Lankester Branko Lankester
Chris G. Demetriou <email></email> Chris G. Demetriou <email></email>
Dave Rivers <email>rivers@ponds.uucp</email> Dave Rivers <email>rivers@ponds.uucp</email>
David Dawes <email></email> David Dawes <email></email>
David Greenman <email>dg@Root.COM</email> David Greenman <email>dg@Root.COM</email>
Felix Gaehtgens <email></email> Felix Gaehtgens <email></email>
Frank Maclachlan <email></email> Frank Maclachlan <email></email>
Guido van Rooij <email></email> Guido van Rooij <email></email>
Guy Antony Halse <email></email> Guy Antony Halse <email></email>
Guy Harris <email></email> Guy Harris <email></email>
Herb Peyerl <email></email> Herb Peyerl <email></email>
Ishii Masahiro, R. Kym Horsell Ishii Masahiro, R. Kym Horsell
James W. Dolter James W. Dolter
James da Silva <email></email> et al James da Silva <email></email> et al
Jörg Lohse <email></email> Jörg Lohse <email></email>
Jörg Wunsch <email></email> Jörg Wunsch <email></email>
John Dyson John Dyson
Jordan K. Hubbard <email></email> Jordan K. Hubbard <email></email>
Julian Elischer <email></email> Julian Elischer <email></email>
Karl Lehenbauer <email></email> <email></email> Karl Lehenbauer <email></email> <email></email>
Keith Bostic <email>bostic@toe.CS.Berkeley.EDU</email> Keith Bostic <email>bostic@toe.CS.Berkeley.EDU</email>
Ken Hughes Ken Hughes
Kevin Lahey <email></email> <email></email> Kevin Lahey <email></email> <email></email>
Konstantinos Konstantinidis <email></email> Konstantinos Konstantinidis <email></email>
Mark Tinguely <email></email> <email></email> Mark Tinguely <email></email> <email></email>
Martin Renters <email></email> Martin Renters <email></email>


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