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FreeBSD Release Engineering
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This article describes the release engineering process of the FreeBSD Project.
Introduction to the FreeBSD Release Engineering Process
Development of FreeBSD has a very specific workflow. In general, all changes to the FreeBSD base system are committed to the <literal>head/</literal> branch, which reflects the top of the source tree.
After a reasonable testing period, changes can then be merged to the <literal>stable/</literal> branches. The default minimum timeframe before merging to <literal>stable/</literal> branches is three (3) days.
Although a general rule to wait a minimum of three days before merging from <literal>head/</literal>, there are a few special circumstances where an immediate merge may be necessary, such as a critical security fix, or a bug fix that directly inhibits the release build process.
After several months, and the number of changes in the <literal>stable/</literal> branch have grown significantly, it is time to release the next version of FreeBSD. These releases have been historically referred to as <quote>point</quote> releases.
In between releases from the <literal>stable/</literal> branches, approximately every two (2) years, a release will be cut directly from <literal>head/</literal>. These releases have been historically referred to as <quote>dot-zero</quote> releases.
This article will highlight the workflow and responsibilities of the FreeBSD Release Engineering Team for both <quote>dot-zero</quote> and <quote>point</quote>' releases.
The following sections of this article describe:
General information and preparation before starting the release cycle.
Website Changes During the Release Cycle


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