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Update <literal>LIB32CPUFLAGS</literal>
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Update <varname>TARGET_TRIPLE</varname>
Atualize o <varname>TARGET_TRIPLE</varname>
Update <varname>OS_VERSION</varname>
Atualize o <varname>OS_VERSION</varname>
Update <literal>LIB32CPUFLAGS</literal>
Atualize o <literal>LIB32CPUFLAGS</literal>
Add a new <literal>.ds</literal> entry for the FreeBSD version, and update <varname>doc-default-operating-system</varname> (FreeBSD 11.x and earlier only)
Adiciona uma nova entrada <literal>.ds</literal> para a versão do FreeBSD, e atualiza <varname>doc-default-operating-system</varname> (FreeBSD 11.x e anteriores apenas)
In the <literal>doc</literal> repository, also update <filename>head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/releases/<replaceable>12.0</replaceable>R/Makefile.hardware</filename>, switching the value of <varname>_BRANCH</varname> to <literal>BETA<replaceable>X</replaceable></literal>, <literal>RC<replaceable>X</replaceable></literal>, or <literal>RELEASE</literal>, respectively.
No repositório <literal>doc</literal>, atualize também <filename>head/pt_BR.ISO8859-1/htdocs/releases/<replaceable>12.0</replaceable>R/Makefile.hardware</filename>, alternando o valor de <varname>_BRANCH</varname> para <literal>BETA<replaceable>X</replaceable></literal>, <literal>RC<replaceable>X</replaceable></literal> ou <literal>RELEASE</literal>, respectivamente.
FreeBSD <literal>BETA</literal> Builds
Builds <literal>BETA</literal> do FreeBSD
Following the code slush, the next phase of the release cycle is the code freeze. This is the point at which all commits to the stable branch require explicit approval from the FreeBSD Release Engineering Team. This is enforced by pre-commit hooks in the Subversion repository by editing <filename>base/svnadmin/conf/approvers</filename> to include a regular expression matching the <literal>stable/<replaceable>12</replaceable>/</literal> branch for the release:
Após o code slush, a próxima fase do ciclo de release é o code freeze. Este é o ponto no qual todos os commits para a branch stable requerem aprovação explícita da Equipe de Engenharia de Release do FreeBSD. Isto é reforçado por hooks de pré-commit no repositório Subversion editando <filename>base/svnadmin/conf/approvers</filename> para incluir uma expressão regular que coincida com a branch <literal>stable/<replaceable>12</replaceable>/</literal> para a release:


Update <literal>LIB32CPUFLAGS</literal>
Atualize o <literal>LILB32CPUFLAGS</literal>
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Update <literal>LILB32CPUFLAGS</literal>
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