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Continue the installation as you would normally do. We would however suggest you postpone installation of third party software (packages) until you have completely setup journaling.
Booting for the first time
Your system will come up normally, but you will need to edit <filename>/etc/fstab</filename> and remove the extra swap partitions you created for the journals. Normally, the swap partition you will actually use is the one with the <quote>b</quote> suffix (i.e. ad0s1b in our example). Remove all other swap space entries and reboot so that FreeBSD will stop using them.
When the system comes up again, we will be ready to configure journaling.
Setting Up Journaling
Executing <command>gjournal</command>
Having prepared all the required partitions, it is quite easy to configure journaling. We will need to switch to single user mode, so login as <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> and type:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>shutdown now</userinput>
Press <keycap>Enter</keycap> to get the default shell. We will need to unmount the partitions that will be journaled, in our example <filename>/usr</filename> and <filename>/var</filename>:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>umount /usr /var</userinput>
Load the module required for journaling:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>gjournal load</userinput>
Now, use your notes to determine which partition will be used for each journal. In our example, <filename>/usr</filename> is <filename>ad0s1f</filename> and its journal will be <filename>ad0s1g</filename>, while <filename>/var</filename> is <filename>ad0s1d</filename> and will be journaled to <filename>ad0s1h</filename>. The following commands are required:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>gjournal label ad0s1f ad0s1g</userinput>

GEOM_JOURNAL: Journal 2948326772: ad0s1f contains data.
GEOM_JOURNAL: Journal 2948326772: ad0s1g contains journal.

<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>gjournal label ad0s1d ad0s1h</userinput>

GEOM_JOURNAL: Journal 3193218002: ad0s1d contains data.
GEOM_JOURNAL: Journal 3193218002: ad0s1h contains journal.
If the last sector of either partition is used, <command>gjournal</command> will return an error. You will have to run the command using the <option>-f</option> flag to force an overwrite, i.e.:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>gjournal label -f ad0s1d ad0s1h</userinput>
Since this is a new installation, it is highly unlikely that anything will be actually overwritten.
At this point, two new devices are created, namely <filename>ad0s1d.journal</filename> and <filename>ad0s1f.journal</filename>. These represent the <filename>/var</filename> and <filename>/usr</filename> partitions we have to mount. Before mounting, we must however set the journal flag on them and clear the Soft Updates flag:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>tunefs -J enable -n disable ad0s1d.journal</userinput>

tunefs: gjournal set
tunefs: soft updates cleared

<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>tunefs -J enable -n disable ad0s1f.journal</userinput>

tunefs: gjournal set
tunefs: soft updates cleared
Now, mount the new devices manually at their respective places (note that we can now use the <option>async</option> mount option):
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>mount -o async /dev/ad0s1d.journal /var</userinput>
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>mount -o async /dev/ad0s1f.journal /usr</userinput>
Edit <filename>/etc/fstab</filename> and update the entries for <filename>/usr</filename> and <filename>/var</filename>:
/dev/ad0s1f.journal /usr ufs rw,async 2 2
/dev/ad0s1d.journal /var ufs rw,async 2 2
Make sure the above entries are correct, or you will have trouble starting up normally after you reboot!
Finally, edit <filename>/boot/loader.conf</filename> and add the following line so the <citerefentry><refentrytitle>gjournal</refentrytitle><manvolnum>8</manvolnum></citerefentry> module is loaded at every boot:


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