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I cooperated on this project with (in alphabetical order): Colaboré en este proyecto con (en orden alfabético):
John Baldwin <email></email> John Baldwin <email></email>
Konstantin Belousov <email></email> Konstantin Belousov <email></email>
Emmanuel Dreyfus Emmanuel Dreyfus
Scot Hetzel Scot Hetzel
Jung-uk Kim <email></email> Jung-uk Kim <email></email>
Alexander Leidinger <email></email> Alexander Leidinger <email></email>
Suleiman Souhlal <email></email> Suleiman Souhlal <email></email>
Li Xiao Li Xiao
David Xu <email></email> David Xu <email></email>
I would like to thank all those people for their advice, code reviews and general support. Me gustaría agradecer a todas esas personas por sus consejos, revisiones de código y apoyo general.
Literatures Literaturas
Marshall Kirk McKusick - George V. Nevile-Neil. Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD operating system. Addison-Wesley, 2005. Marshall Kirk McKusick - George V. Nevile-Neil. Diseño e implementación del sistema operativo FreeBSD. Addison-Wesley, 2005.
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