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<link xlink:href="">OpenPAM homepage</link>
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Papers Artículos
Making Login Services Independent of Authentication Technologies Hacer que los servicios de acceso sean independientes de las tecnologías de autenticación
<personname> <surname>Samar</surname> <firstname>Vipin</firstname> </personname> <personname> <surname>Samar</surname> <firstname>Vipin</firstname> </personname>
<personname> <surname>Lai</surname> <firstname>Charlie</firstname> </personname> <personname> <surname>Lai</surname> <firstname>Charlie</firstname> </personname>
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems
<link xlink:href="">X/Open Single Sign-on Preliminary Specification</link> <link xlink:href="">X/Open Single Sign-on Preliminary Specification</link>
The Open Group The Open Group
1-85912-144-6 1-85912-144-6
June 1997 June 1997
<link xlink:href=""> Pluggable Authentication Modules</link> <link xlink:href="">Módulos de autentificación conectables</link>
<personname> <surname>Morgan</surname> <firstname>Andrew</firstname> <othername role="mi">G.</othername> </personname> <personname> <surname>Morgan</surname> <firstname>Andrew</firstname> <othername role="mi">G.</othername> </personname>
1999-10-06 1999-10-06
User Manuals Manuales de usuario
<link xlink:href=""> PAM Administration</link> <link xlink:href=""> Administración PAM</link>
Related Web Pages Páginas web relacionadas
<link xlink:href="">OpenPAM homepage</link> <link xlink:href="">Página web de OpenPAM</link>
<personname> <surname>Smørgrav</surname> <firstname>Dag-Erling</firstname> </personname> <personname> <surname>Smørgrav</surname> <firstname>Dag-Erling</firstname> </personname>
ThinkSec AS ThinkSec AS
<link xlink:href="">Linux-PAM homepage</link> <link xlink:href="">Linux-PAM homepage</link>
Solaris PAM homepage Página web de Solaris PAM


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<link xlink:href="">OpenPAM homepage</link>
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