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Port Mentor Guidelines
<orgname>The FreeBSD Ports Management Team</orgname>
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<year>2011</year> <holder role="">Thomas Abthorpe</holder> <holder role="">Chris Rees</holder>
Guideline for Mentor/Mentee Relationships
This section is intended to help demystify the mentoring process, as well as a way to openly promote a constructive discussion to adapt and grow the guidelines. In our lives we have too many rules; we are not a government organization that inflicts regulation, but rather a collective of like minded individuals working toward a common goal, maintaining the quality assurance of the product we call the Ports Tree.
Why Mentor?
For most of us, we were mentored into the Project, so return the favor by offering to mentor somebody else in.
You have an irresistible urge to inflict knowledge on others.
The usual punishment applies because you are sick and tired of committing somebody else's good work!
Reasons for a co-mentorship:
Significant timezone differential. Accessible, interactive mentor(s) available via IM is extremely helpful!
Potential language barrier. Yes, FreeBSD is very English oriented, as is most software development, however, having a mentor who can speak a native language can be very useful.
ENOTIME! Until there is a 30 hour day, and an 8 day week, some of us only have so much time to give. Sharing the load with somebody else will make it easier.

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