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<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>svn cp $FSVN/stable/9@REVISION $FSVN/releng/9.2</userinput>
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Bug fixes. Arreglos de errores.
Documentation updates. Actualizaciones de la documentación.
Security-related fixes of any kind. Arreglos de seguridad de cualquier tipo.
Minor changes to device drivers, such as adding new Device IDs. Cambios menores en los controladores de los dispositivos, como la adición de nuevas identificaciones de dispositivos.
Driver updates from the vendors. Actualizaciones de los controladores de los fabricantes.
Any additional change that the release engineering team feels is justified, given the potential risk. Cualquier cambio adicional que el equipo de ingeniería de lanzamiento considere justificado, dado el riesgo potencial.
Shortly after the code freeze is started, a <emphasis>BETA1</emphasis> image is built and released for widespread testing. During the code freeze, at least one beta image or release candidate is released every two weeks until the final release is ready. During the days preceding the final release, the release engineering team is in constant communication with the security-officer team, the documentation maintainers, and the port maintainers to ensure that all of the different components required for a successful release are available. Poco después de que se inicia la congelación del código, se construye una imagen <emphasis>BETA1</emphasis> y se libera para su prueba generalizada. Durante la congelación de código, al menos una imagen beta o candidata a ser liberada cada dos semanas hasta que la liberación final esté lista. Durante los días anteriores a la liberación final, el equipo de ingeniería de liberación está en constante comunicación con el equipo de seguridad, los encargados de la documentación y los encargados de los puertos para asegurar que todos los diferentes componentes requeridos para una liberación exitosa estén disponibles.
After the quality of the BETA images is satisfying enough, and no large and potentially risky changes are planned, the release branch is created and <emphasis>Release Candidate</emphasis> (RC) images are built from the release branch, instead of the BETA images from the STABLE branch. Also, the freeze on the STABLE branch is lifted and release branch enters a <quote>hard code freeze</quote> where it becomes much harder to justify new changes to the system unless a serious bug-fix or security issue is involved.
Final Release Checklist Lista de control de liberación final
When several BETA images have been made available for widespread testing and all major issues have been resolved, the final release <quote>polishing</quote> can begin. Cuando varias imágenes BETA han sido puestas a disposición para ser probadas ampliamente y todos los problemas importantes han sido resueltos, el <quote>pulido</quote> de la versión final puede comenzar.
Creating the Release Branch Creación de la rama de liberación
In all examples below, <literal>$FSVN</literal> refers to the location of the FreeBSD Subversion repository, <literal>svn+ssh://</literal>.
The layout of FreeBSD branches in Subversion is described in the <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/subversion-primer.html#subversion-primer-base-layout">Committer's Guide</link>. The first step in creating a branch is to identify the revision of the <literal>stable/<replaceable>X</replaceable></literal> sources that you want to branch <emphasis>from</emphasis>.
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>svn log -v $FSVN/stable/9</userinput> <prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>svn log -v $FSVN/stable/9</userinput>
The next step is to create the <emphasis>release branch</emphasis> El siguiente paso es crear la <emphasis>rama de liberación</emphasis>
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>svn cp $FSVN/stable/9@REVISION $FSVN/releng/9.2</userinput>
This branch can be checked out: Esta rama puede ser revisada:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>svn co $FSVN/releng/9.2 src</userinput> <prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>svn co $FSVN/releng/9.2 src</userinput>
Creating the <literal>releng</literal> branch and <literal>release</literal> tags is done by the <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/administration.html#t-re">Release Engineering Team</link>.
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<imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-head" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD Development Branch</phrase> </textobject> <imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-head" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>Rama de desarrollo de FreeBSD</phrase> </textobject>
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<imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng3" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 3.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject> <imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng3" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 3.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject>
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<imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng4" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 4.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject> <imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng4" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 4.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject>
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<imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng5" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 5.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject> <imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng5" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 5.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject>
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<imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng6" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 6.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject> <imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng6" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 6.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject>
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<imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng7" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 7.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject> <imageobject> <imagedata fileref="branches-releng7" align="center"/> </imageobject> <textobject> <phrase>FreeBSD 7.x STABLE Branch</phrase> </textobject>


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