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It should be remembered that all files containing control information must be relative to the root file system in the <filename>vinum</filename> volume which, when setting up a new <filename>vinum</filename> root volume, might not match the root file system that is currently active. So in particular, <filename>/etc/fstab</filename> and <filename>/boot/loader.conf</filename> need to be taken care of.
At next reboot, the bootstrap should figure out the appropriate control information from the new <filename>vinum</filename>-based root file system, and act accordingly. At the end of the kernel initialization process, after all devices have been announced, the prominent notice that shows the success of this setup is a message like:
Mounting root from ufs:/dev/gvinum/root
Example of a <filename>vinum</filename>-based Root Setup
After the <filename>vinum</filename> root volume has been set up, the output of <command>gvinum l -rv root</command> could look like:
Subdisk root.p0.s0:
Size: 125829120 bytes (120 MB)
State: up
Plex root.p0 at offset 0 (0 B)
Drive disk0 (/dev/da0h) at offset 135680 (132 kB)

Subdisk root.p1.s0:
Size: 125829120 bytes (120 MB)
State: up
Plex root.p1 at offset 0 (0 B)
Drive disk1 (/dev/da1h) at offset 135680 (132 kB)
The values to note are <literal>135680</literal> for the offset, relative to partition <filename class="devicefile">/dev/da0h</filename>. This translates to 265 512-byte disk blocks in <command>bsdlabel</command>'s terms. Likewise, the size of this root volume is 245760 512-byte blocks. <filename class="devicefile">/dev/da1h</filename>, containing the second replica of this root volume, has a symmetric setup.
The bsdlabel for these devices might look like:
8 partitions:
# size offset fstype [fsize bsize bps/cpg]
a: 245760 281 4.2BSD 2048 16384 0 # (Cyl. 0*- 15*)
c: 71771688 0 unused 0 0 # (Cyl. 0 - 4467*)
h: 71771672 16 vinum # (Cyl. 0*- 4467*)
It can be observed that the <literal>size</literal> parameter for the faked <literal>a</literal> partition matches the value outlined above, while the <literal>offset</literal> parameter is the sum of the offset within the <filename>vinum</filename> partition <literal>h</literal>, and the offset of this partition within the device or slice. This is a typical setup that is necessary to avoid the problem described in <xref linkend="vinum-root-panic"/>. The entire <literal>a</literal> partition is completely within the <literal>h</literal> partition containing all the <filename>vinum</filename> data for this device.
In the above example, the entire device is dedicated to <filename>vinum</filename> and there is no leftover pre-<filename>vinum</filename> root partition.


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