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O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

1994 1994
<citetitle>4.4BSD System Manager's Manual</citetitle> <_:publisher-1/> <_:pubdate-2/>
McKusick &amp; Karels, 1988 McKusick &amp; Karels, 1988
<personname><firstname>M. K.</firstname><surname>McKusick</surname></personname>
<personname><firstname>M. J.</firstname><surname>Karels</surname></personname>
295-304 295-304
<citetitle>Design of a General Purpose Memory Allocator for the 4.3BSD UNIX Kernel</citetitle> <_:authorgroup-1/> <_:pagenums-2/>
USENIX Assocation USENIX Assocation
June 1998 Junho de 1998
McKusick et al, 1994 McKusick et al, 1994
<personname><firstname>S. J.</firstname><surname>Leffler</surname></personname>
<personname><firstname>W. N.</firstname><surname>Joy</surname></personname>
<personname><firstname>R. S.</firstname><surname>Faber</surname></personname>
5:1-42 5: 1-42
<citetitle>Berkeley Software Architecture Manual, 4.4BSD Edition</citetitle> <_:authorgroup-1/> <_:pagenums-2/>
<citetitle>4.4BSD Programmer's Supplementary Documents</citetitle> <_:publisher-1/> <_:pubdate-2/>
Ritchie, 1988 Ritchie, 1988
Early Kernel Design Early Kernel Design
private communication comunicação privada
<personname><firstname>D. M.</firstname><surname>Ritchie</surname></personname>
Rosenblum &amp; Ousterhout, 1992 Rosenblum &amp; Ousterhout, 1992
26-52 26-52
<citetitle>The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System</citetitle> <_:authorgroup-1/> <_:pagenums-2/>
Association for Computing Machinery Association for Computing Machinery
February 1992 Fevereiro de 1992
<citetitle>ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 10, 1</citetitle> <_:publishername-1/> <_:pubdate-2/>
Rozier et al, 1988 Rozier et al, 1988


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