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The largest part of the kernel implements the system services that applications access through system calls. In 4.4BSD, this software has been organized according to the following:
Basic kernel facilities: timer and system-clock handling, descriptor management, and process management
Memory-management support: paging and swapping Suporte de gerenciamento de memória: paginação e troca
Generic system interfaces: the I/O, control, and multiplexing operations performed on descriptors
The filesystem: files, directories, pathname translation, file locking, and I/O buffer management
Terminal-handling support: the terminal-interface driver and terminal line disciplines
Interprocess-communication facilities: sockets Instalações de comunicação entre processos: soquetes
Support for network communication: communication protocols and generic network facilities, such as routing
Machine-independent software in the 4.4BSD kernel Software independente de máquina no kernel 4.4BSD
Category Categoria
Lines of code Linhas de código
Percentage of kernel Porcentagem do kernel
total machine independent total independente da máquina
162,617 162,617
80.4 80,4
headers cabeçalhos
9,393 9.393
4.6 4,6
initialization inicialização
1,107 1,107
0.6 0,6
kernel facilities instalações do kernel
8,793 8.793
4.4 4,4
generic interfaces interfaces genéricas
4,782 4,782
2.4 2,4
interprocess communication comunicação entre processos
4,540 4,540
2.2 2,2
terminal handling terminal de manipulaçao


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