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A project model for the FreeBSD Project
<year>2002-2005</year> <holder>Niklas Saers</holder>
<revnumber>1.6</revnumber> <date>November, 2019</date> <revremark>Style revisions, accessibility enhancements, and statistics updates throughout the book.</revremark>
<revnumber>1.5</revnumber> <date>October, 2014</date> <revremark>Remove mention of GNATS which is no longer used by the project.</revremark>
<revnumber>1.4</revnumber> <date>September, 2013</date> <revremark>Remove mention of CVS and CVSup which are no longer used by the project.</revremark>
<revnumber>1.3</revnumber> <date>October, 2012</date> <revremark>Remove hats held by specific people, these are documented elsewhere.</revremark>
<revnumber>1.2</revnumber> <date>April, 2005</date> <revremark>Update one year of changes, replace statistics with those of 2004</revremark>
<revnumber>1.1</revnumber> <date>July, 2004</date> <revremark>First update within the FreeBSD tree</revremark>
<revnumber>1.0</revnumber> <date>December 4th, 2003</date> <revremark>Ready for commit to FreeBSD Documentation</revremark>
<revnumber>0.7</revnumber> <date>April 7th, 2003</date> <revremark>Release for review by the Documentation team</revremark>
<revnumber>0.6</revnumber> <date>March 1st, 2003</date> <revremark>Incorporated corrections noted by interviewees and reviewers</revremark>
<revnumber>0.5</revnumber> <date>February 1st, 2003</date> <revremark>Initial review by interviewees</revremark>
$FreeBSD: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/dev-model/book.xml 54306 2020-07-01 15:38:01Z bofh $
This goes hand-in-hand with Brooks' law that <quote>adding another person to a late project will make it later</quote> since it will increase the communication needs <xref linkend="brooks"/>. A project model is a tool to reduce the communication needs.


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