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Coordinating with the Ports and Documentation teams to have an updated set of packages and documentation released with the new releases
Coordinating with the Security team so that pending releases are not affected by recently disclosed vulnerabilities.
The responsibilities of the Release Engineering Team are <_:itemizedlist-1/> Further information about the development process is available in the <xref linkend="process-release-engineering"/> section.
Hat held by: the Release Engineering team <email></email>. The <link xlink:href=""> Release Engineering Charter</link>.
Public Relations &amp; Corporate Liaison
Making press statements when happenings that are important to the FreeBSD Project happen.
Being the official contact person for corporations that are working close with the FreeBSD Project.
Take steps to promote FreeBSD within both the Open Source community and the corporate world.
Handle the <quote>freebsd-advocacy</quote> mailing list.
The Public Relations &amp; Corporate Liaison's responsibilities are: <_:itemizedlist-1/>
This hat is currently not occupied.
Security Officer
The Security Officer's main responsibility is to coordinate information exchange with others in the security community and in the FreeBSD project. The Security Officer is also responsible for taking action when security problems are reported and promoting proactive development behavior when it comes to security.
Because of the fear that information about vulnerabilities may leak out to people with malicious intent before a patch is available, only the Security Officer, consisting of an officer, a deputy and two <xref linkend="role-core"/> members, receive sensitive information about security issues. However, to create or implement a patch, the Security Officer has the Security Officer Team <email></email> to help do the work.
Source Repository Manager
The Source Repository Manager is the only one who is allowed to directly modify the repository without using the <xref linkend="tool-svn"/> tool. It is their responsibility to ensure that technical problems that arise in the repository are resolved quickly. The source repository manager has the authority to back out commits if this is necessary to resolve a SVN technical problem.
Hat held by: the Source Repository Manager <email></email>.
Election Manager
The Election Manager is responsible for the <xref linkend="process-core-election"/> process. The manager is responsible for running and maintaining the election system, and is the final authority should minor unforeseen events happen in the election process. Major unforeseen events have to be discussed with the <xref linkend="role-core"/>
Hat held only during elections.
Web site Management
The Web site Management hat is responsible for coordinating the rollout of updated web pages on mirrors around the world, for the overall structure of the primary web site and the system it is running upon. The management needs to coordinate the content with <xref linkend="sub-project-documentation"/> and acts as maintainer for the <quote>www</quote> tree.
Hat held by: the FreeBSD Webmasters <email></email>.
Ports Manager
The Ports Manager acts as a liaison between <xref linkend="sub-project-ports"/> and the core project, and all requests from the project should go to the ports manager.
Hat held by: the Ports Management Team <email></email>. The <link xlink:href=""> Portmgr charter</link>.
The Standards hat is responsible for ensuring that FreeBSD complies with the standards it is committed to , keeping up to date on the development of these standards and notifying FreeBSD developers of important changes that allows them to take a proactive role and decrease the time between a standards update and FreeBSD's compliancy.
Hat currently held by: Garrett Wollman <email></email>.
Core Secretary
The Core Secretary's main responsibility is to write drafts to and publish the final Core Reports. The secretary also keeps the core agenda, thus ensuring that no balls are dropped unresolved.


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