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<revnumber>1.3</revnumber> <date>October, 2012</date> <revremark>Remove hats held by specific people, these are documented elsewhere.</revremark>
<revnumber>1.2</revnumber> <date>April, 2005</date> <revremark>Update one year of changes, replace statistics with those of 2004</revremark>
<revnumber>1.1</revnumber> <date>July, 2004</date> <revremark>First update within the FreeBSD tree</revremark>
<revnumber>1.0</revnumber> <date>December 4th, 2003</date> <revremark>Ready for commit to FreeBSD Documentation</revremark>
<revnumber>0.7</revnumber> <date>April 7th, 2003</date> <revremark>Release for review by the Documentation team</revremark>
<revnumber>0.6</revnumber> <date>March 1st, 2003</date> <revremark>Incorporated corrections noted by interviewees and reviewers</revremark>
<revnumber>0.5</revnumber> <date>February 1st, 2003</date> <revremark>Initial review by interviewees</revremark>
$FreeBSD: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/dev-model/book.xml 54306 2020-07-01 15:38:01Z bofh $
This goes hand-in-hand with Brooks' law that <quote>adding another person to a late project will make it later</quote> since it will increase the communication needs <xref linkend="brooks"/>. A project model is a tool to reduce the communication needs.
Up until now, the FreeBSD project has released a number of described techniques to do different parts of work. However, a project model summarising how the project is structured is needed because of the increasing amount of project members. <_:footnote-1/> This paper will provide such a project model and is donated to the FreeBSD Documentation project where it can evolve together with the project so that it can at any point in time reflect the way the project works. It is based on <citation><xref linkend="thesis"/></citation>.
I would like to thank the following people for taking the time to explain things that were unclear to me and for proofreading the document.
Andrey A. Chernov <email></email>
Bruce A. Mah <email></email>
Dag-Erling Smørgrav <email></email>
Giorgos Keramidas<email></email>
Ingvil Hovig <email></email>
Jesper Holck<email></email>
John Baldwin <email></email>
John Polstra <email></email>
Kirk McKusick <email></email>
Mark Linimon <email></email>
Marleen Devos
Niels Jørgenssen<email></email>
Nik Clayton <email></email>
Poul-Henning Kamp <email></email>
Simon L. Nielsen <email></email>
A project model is a means to reduce the communications overhead in a project. As shown by <citation><xref linkend="brooks"/></citation>, increasing the number of project participants increases the communication in the project exponentionally. FreeBSD has during the past few years increased both its mass of active users and committers, and the communication in the project has risen accordingly. This project model will serve to reduce this overhead by providing an up-to-date description of the project.
During the Core elections in 2002, Mark Murray stated <quote>I am opposed to a long rule-book, as that satisfies lawyer-tendencies, and is counter to the technocentricity that the project so badly needs.</quote> <citation><xref linkend="bsd-election2002"/></citation>. This project model is not meant to be a tool to justify creating impositions for developers, but as a tool to facilitate coordination. It is meant as a description of the project, with an overview of how the different processes are executed. It is an introduction to how the FreeBSD project works.
The FreeBSD project model will be described as of July 1st, 2004. It is based on the Niels Jørgensen's paper <citation><xref linkend="jorgensen2001"/></citation>, FreeBSD's official documents, discussions on FreeBSD mailing lists and interviews with developers.


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