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This goes hand-in-hand with Brooks' law that <quote>adding another person to a late project will make it later</quote> since it will increase the communication needs <xref linkend="brooks"/>. A project model is a tool to reduce the communication needs.
Up until now, the FreeBSD project has released a number of described techniques to do different parts of work. However, a project model summarising how the project is structured is needed because of the increasing amount of project members. <_:footnote-1/> This paper will provide such a project model and is donated to the FreeBSD Documentation project where it can evolve together with the project so that it can at any point in time reflect the way the project works. It is based on <citation><xref linkend="thesis"/></citation>.
I would like to thank the following people for taking the time to explain things that were unclear to me and for proofreading the document.
Andrey A. Chernov <email></email>



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