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Committers Guide
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<year>2002</year> <holder>The FreeBSD Project</holder> <year>2002</year> <holder>O projeto FreeBSD</holder>
Core Bylaws Estatuto do Core
<year>2002</year> <holder>The FreeBSD Documentation Project</holder> <year>2002</year> <holder>O Projeto de Documentação do FreeBSD</holder>
FreeBSD Developer's Handbook Manual do desenvolvedor do FreeBSD
Core team election 2002 Eleição da equipe do Core em 2002
<personname><firstname>Dag-Erling</firstname><surname>Smørgrav</surname></personname> <personname><firstname>Dag-Erling</firstname><surname>Smørgrav</surname></personname>
<personname><firstname>Hiten</firstname><surname>Pandya</surname></personname> <personname><firstname>Hiten</firstname><surname>Pandya</surname></personname>
Problem Report Handling Guidelines Diretrizes para manuseio de Relatórios de Problemas
Writing FreeBSD Problem Reports Escrevendo Relatórios de Problemas do FreeBSD
<year>2001</year> <holder>The FreeBSD Documentation Project</holder> <year>2001</year> <holder>O Projeto de Documentação do FreeBSD</holder>
Committers Guide Guia para Commiters
<personname><firstname>Murray</firstname><surname>Stokely</surname></personname> <personname><firstname>Murray</firstname><surname>Stokely</surname></personname>
FreeBSD Release Engineering Engenharia de Release do FreeBSD
<personname><surname>The FreeBSD Documentation Project</surname></personname> <personname><surname>Projeto de Documentação do FreeBSD</surname></personname>
FreeBSD Handbook Manual do FreeBSD
Contributors to FreeBSD Contribuidores do FreeBSD
The FreeBSD Project O projeto FreeBSD
Core team elections 2002 Eleições da equipe do Core em 2002
Commit Bit Expiration Policy Política de expiração de commit bit
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