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If <literal>DDB</literal> is enabled and the kernel drops into the debugger, a panic and a crash dump can be forced by typing <literal>panic</literal> at the <literal>ddb</literal> prompt. It may stop in the debugger again during the panic phase. If it does, type <literal>continue</literal> and it will finish the crash dump.
Why has <function>dlsym()</function> stopped working for ELF executables?
The ELF toolchain does not, by default, make the symbols defined in an executable visible to the dynamic linker. Consequently <function>dlsym()</function> searches on handles obtained from calls to <function>dlopen(NULL, flags)</function> will fail to find such symbols.
To search, using <function>dlsym()</function>, for symbols present in the main executable of a process, link the executable using the <option>--export-dynamic</option> option to the ELF linker (<citerefentry><refentrytitle>ld</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry>).
How can I increase or reduce the kernel address space on i386?
By default, the kernel address space is 1 GB (2 GB for PAE) for i386. When running a network-intensive server or using ZFS, this will probably not be enough.
Add the following line to the kernel configuration file to increase available space and rebuild the kernel:
options KVA_PAGES=<replaceable>N</replaceable>
To find the correct value of <replaceable>N</replaceable>, divide the desired address space size (in megabytes) by four. (For example, it is <literal>512</literal> for 2 GB.)
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