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What good books are there about FreeBSD? Hvilke gode bøker anbefales rundt FreeBSD?
The project produces a wide range of documentation, available online from this link: <uri xlink:href=""></uri>. FreeBSD prosjektet har stor variasjon av dokumentasjon tilgjengelig på nett via denne lenken: <uri xlink:href=""></uri> I tillegg finner man <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/bibliography.html">referanser i Handbook</link> som henviser til andre anbefalte bøker.
Is the documentation available in other formats, such as plain text (ASCII), or PDF? Er dokumentasjonen tilgjengelig i andre format som klar tekst (ASCII) eller <trademark class="registered">PostScript</trademark>?
Yes. The documentation is available in a number of different formats and compression schemes on the FreeBSD FTP site, in the <link xlink:href="">/ftp/doc/</link> directory. Ja. Dokumentasjonen finnes i flere forskjellige formater og kompresjons skjema på FreeBSD FTP siden, under <link xlink:href="">/pub/FreeBSD/doc/</link> katalogen.
The documentation is categorized in a number of different ways. These include: Dokumentasjonen er kategorisert i flere forskjellige måter, disse inkluderer:
The document's name, such as <literal>faq</literal>, or <literal>handbook</literal>. Dokumentets navn, slik som <literal>OSS(FAQ)</literal> eller <literal>handbook</literal>.
The document's language and encoding. These are based on the locale names found under <filename>/usr/share/locale</filename> on a FreeBSD system. The current languages and encodings are as follows: Dokumentets språk og enkodingene. Disse er basert under de lokale navnene man finner i <filename>/usr/share/locale</filename> i et FreeBSD system.
Name Navn
Meaning Beskrivelse
<literal>en_US.ISO8859-1</literal> <literal>en_US.ISO8859-1</literal>
English (United States) Engelsk (United States)
<literal>bn_BD.ISO10646-1</literal> <literal>bn_BD.ISO10646-1</literal>
Bengali or Bangla (Bangladesh) Bengalsk eller Bangla (Bangladesh)
<literal>da_DK.ISO8859-1</literal> <literal>da_DK.ISO8859-1</literal>
Danish (Denmark) Dansk (Denmark)
<literal>de_DE.ISO8859-1</literal> <literal>de_DE.ISO8859-1</literal>
German (Germany) Tysk (Germany)
<literal>el_GR.ISO8859-7</literal> <literal>el_GR.ISO8859-7</literal>
Greek (Greece) Gresk (Greece)
<literal>es_ES.ISO8859-1</literal> <literal>es_ES.ISO8859-1</literal>
Spanish (Spain) Spansk (Spain)
<literal>fr_FR.ISO8859-1</literal> <literal>fr_FR.ISO8859-1</literal>
French (France) Fransk (France)
<literal>hu_HU.ISO8859-2</literal> <literal>hu_HU.ISO8859-2</literal>
Hungarian (Hungary) Ungarn (Hungary)
<literal>it_IT.ISO8859-15</literal> <literal>it_IT.ISO8859-15</literal>
Italian (Italy) Italiensk (Italy)
<literal>ja_JP.eucJP</literal> <literal>ja_JP.eucJP</literal>
Japanese (Japan, EUC encoding) Japansk (Japan, EUC encoding)
<literal>ko_KR.UTF-8</literal> <literal>ko_KR.UTF-8</literal>
Korean (Korea, UTF-8 encoding) Koreansk (Korea, UTF-8 encoding)


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