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Where can I get commercial FreeBSD training and support?
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Channel <literal>#bsdchat</literal> on <link xlink:href="">Freenode</link> is a Traditional Chinese (UTF-8 encoding) language channel dedicated to helping FreeBSD users. This is also a good place for non-technical discussions.
Kanal <literal>#bsdchat</literal> på <link xlink:href="">Freenode</link> er en tradisjonell Kinesisk (UTF-8 enkoding) språk kanal dedikert for å hjelpe FreeBSD brukere. Dette er også et fint sted for ikke-tekniske diskusjoner.
The FreeBSD wiki has a <link xlink:href="">good list</link> of IRC channels.
The FreeBSD wiki har ogsåp en <link xlink:href="">fin liste</link> med IRC kanaler.
Each of these channels are distinct and are not connected to each other. Since their chat styles differ, try each to find one suited to your chat style.
Alle disse kanalene har ikke noe relasjon til hverandre, ettersom chat-stilen/holdninger varierer så anbefales det å finne en kanal som passer deg.
Are there any web based forums to discuss FreeBSD?
Er det noen web baserte fora for å diskutere FreeBSD?
The official FreeBSD forums are located at <link xlink:href=""></link>.
Det offisielle FreeBSD forumet er lokalisert på <link xlink:href=""></link>.
Where can I get commercial FreeBSD training and support?
Hvor kan jeg få kommersiell opplæring og support innenfor FreeBSD?
<link xlink:href="">iXsystems, Inc.</link>, parent company of the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD Mall</link>, provides commercial FreeBSD and TrueOS software <link xlink:href="">support</link>, in addition to FreeBSD development and tuning solutions.
<link xlink:href="">iXsystems, Inc.</link>. selskap underliggende <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD Mall</link> tilbyr kommersiell FreeBSD og TrueOS programvare <link xlink:href="">support</link>. De tilbyr i tillegg også utvikling og tilpasning av FreeBSD systemer.
BSD Certification Group, Inc. provides system administration certifications for DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Refer to <link xlink:href="">their site</link> for more information.
BSD Certification Group, Inc. tilbyr system administrasjon sertifikasjoner for DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD og OpenBSD. Besøk <link xlink:href="">siden deres</link> for mer informasjon.
Any other organizations providing training and support should contact the Project to be listed here.
Alle andre organisasjoner/bedrifter som tilbyr FreeBSD trening/utvikling og support burde ta kontakt med The FreeBSD project for å få bli nevnt her.




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