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This leads to an obvious problem when mixing these tags.
When a starting tag which cannot contain character data directly follows a tag of the type that requires other tags within it to use character data, they are on separate lines. The second tag should be properly indented.
When a tag which can contain character data closes directly after a tag which cannot contain character data closes, they co-exist on the same line.
Whitespace Changes
<emphasis>Do not commit changes to content at the same time as changes to formatting</emphasis>.
When content and whitespace changes are kept separate, translation teams can easily see whether a change was content that must be translated or only whitespace.
For example, if two sentences have been added to a paragraph so that the line lengths now go over 80 columns, first commit the change with the too-long lines. Then fix the line wrapping, and commit this second change. In the commit message for the second change, indicate that this is a whitespace-only change that can be ignored by translators.
Non-Breaking Space
Avoid line breaks in places where they look ugly or make it difficult to follow a sentence. Line breaks depend on the width of the chosen output medium. In particular, viewing the HTML documentation with a text browser can lead to badly formatted paragraphs like the next one:
Data capacity ranges from 40 MB to 15
GB. Hardware compression …
The general entity <literal>&amp;nbsp;</literal> prohibits line breaks between parts belonging together. Use non-breaking spaces in the following places:
between numbers and units:
between program names and version numbers:
between multiword names (use with caution when applying this to more than 3-4 word names like <quote>The FreeBSD Brazilian Portuguese Documentation Project</quote>):
Word List
This list of words shows the correct spelling and capitalization when used in FreeBSD documentation. If a word is not on this list, ask about it on the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD documentation project mailing list</link>.
XML Code
<tag class="starttag">acronym</tag><literal>CD-ROM</literal><tag class="endtag">acronym</tag>
DoS (Denial of Service)
<tag class="starttag">acronym</tag><literal>DoS</literal><tag class="endtag">acronym</tag>
file system
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