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Install from <package>editors/nano</package> or <package>editors/nano-devel</package>.
Copy the sample <acronym>XML</acronym> syntax highlight file to the user's home directory:
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput>cp /usr/local/share/nano/xml.nanorc ~/.nanorc</userinput>
Use an editor to replace the lines in the <filename>~/.nanorc</filename> <literal>syntax "xml"</literal> block with these rules:
syntax "xml" "\.([jrs]html?|xml|xslt?)$"
# trailing whitespace
color ,blue "[[:space:]]+$"
# multiples of eight spaces at the start a line
# (after zero or more tabs) should be a tab
color ,blue "^([TAB]*[ ]{8})+"
# tabs after spaces
color ,yellow "( )+TAB"
# highlight indents that have an odd number of spaces
color ,red "^(([ ]{2})+|(TAB+))*[ ]{1}[^ ]{1}"
# lines longer than 70 characters
color ,yellow "^(.{71})|(TAB.{63})|(TAB{2}.{55})|(TAB{3}.{47}).+$"
Process the file to create embedded tabs:
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput>perl -i'' -pe 's/TAB/\t/g' ~/.nanorc</userinput>
Specify additional helpful options when running the editor:
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput>nano -AKipwz -r 70 -T8 <replaceable>chapter.xml</replaceable></userinput>
Users of <citerefentry><refentrytitle>csh</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry> can define an alias in <filename>~/.cshrc</filename> to automate these options:
alias nano "nano -AKipwz -r 70 -T8"
After the alias is defined, the options will be added automatically:
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput>nano <replaceable>chapter.xml</replaceable></userinput>
See Also
This document is deliberately not an exhaustive discussion of XML, the DTDs listed, and the FreeBSD Documentation Project. For more information about these, you are encouraged to see the following web sites.
The FreeBSD Documentation Project
<link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/docproj/index.html">The FreeBSD Documentation Project web pages</link>
<link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/index.html">The FreeBSD Handbook</link>
<link xlink:href="">W3C's XML page SGML/XML web page</link>
<link xlink:href="">The World Wide Web Consortium</link>
<link xlink:href="">The HTML 4.0 specification</link>
<link xlink:href="">The DocBook Technical Committee</link>, maintainers of the DocBook DTD
<link xlink:href="">DocBook: The Definitive Guide</link>, the online documentation for the DocBook DTD
<link xlink:href="">The DocBook Open Repository</link> contains DSSSL stylesheets and other resources for people using DocBook
These examples are not exhaustive—they do not contain all the elements that might be desirable to use, particularly in a document's front matter. For more examples of DocBook markup, examine the <acronym>XML</acronym> source for this and other documents available in the <application>Subversion</application> <literal>doc</literal> repository, or available online starting at <uri xlink:href=""></uri>.
DocBook <tag>book</tag>
&lt;!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//DTD DocBook XML V5.0-Based Extension//EN"

<tag class="starttag">book xmlns=""
xmlns:xlink="" version="5.0"

<tag class="starttag">info</tag>
<tag class="starttag">title</tag>An Example Book<tag class="endtag">title</tag>

<tag class="starttag">author</tag>
<tag class="starttag">personname</tag>
<tag class="starttag">firstname</tag>Your first name<tag class="endtag">firstname</tag>
<tag class="starttag">surname</tag>Your surname<tag class="endtag">surname</tag>
<tag class="endtag">personname</tag>

<tag class="starttag">affiliation</tag>
<tag class="starttag">address</tag>
<tag class="starttag">email</tag><tag class="endtag">email</tag>
<tag class="endtag">address</tag>
<tag class="endtag">affiliation</tag>
<tag class="endtag">author</tag>

<tag class="starttag">copyright</tag>
<tag class="starttag">year</tag>2000<tag class="endtag">year</tag>
<tag class="starttag">holder</tag>Copyright string here<tag class="endtag">holder</tag>
<tag class="endtag">copyright</tag>

<tag class="starttag">abstract</tag>
<tag class="starttag">para</tag>If your book has an abstract then it should go here.<tag class="endtag">para</tag>
<tag class="endtag">abstract</tag>
<tag class="endtag">info</tag>

<tag class="starttag">preface</tag>
<tag class="starttag">title</tag>Preface<tag class="endtag">title</tag>

<tag class="starttag">para</tag>Your book may have a preface, in which case it should be placed
here.<tag class="endtag">para</tag>
<tag class="endtag">preface</tag>

<tag class="starttag">chapter</tag>
<tag class="starttag">title</tag>My First Chapter<tag class="endtag">title</tag>

<tag class="starttag">para</tag>This is the first chapter in my book.<tag class="endtag">para</tag>

<tag class="starttag">sect1</tag>
<tag class="starttag">title</tag>My First Section<tag class="endtag">title</tag>

<tag class="starttag">para</tag>This is the first section in my book.<tag class="endtag">para</tag>
<tag class="endtag">sect1</tag>
<tag class="endtag">chapter</tag>
<tag class="endtag">book</tag>
DocBook <tag>article</tag>
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