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This is the top level document in the Handbook. It contains the Handbook's <link linkend="xml-primer-doctype-declaration">DOCTYPE declaration</link>, as well as the elements that describe the Handbook's structure.
<filename>book.xml</filename> uses <link linkend="xml-primer-parameter-entities">parameter entities</link> to load in the files with the <filename>.ent</filename> extension. These files (described later) then define <link linkend="xml-primer-general-entities">general entities</link> that are used throughout the rest of the Handbook.
<filename role="directory"><replaceable>directory</replaceable>/chapter.xml</filename>
Each chapter in the Handbook is stored in a file called <filename>chapter.xml</filename> in a separate directory from the other chapters. Each directory is named after the value of the <literal>id</literal> attribute on the <tag>chapter</tag> element.
For example, if one of the chapter files contains:
<tag class="starttag">chapter id="kernelconfig"</tag>
<tag class="endtag">chapter</tag>
Then it will be called <filename>chapter.xml</filename> in the <filename>kernelconfig</filename> directory. In general, the entire contents of the chapter are in this one file.
When the <acronym>XHTML</acronym> version of the Handbook is produced, this will yield <filename>kernelconfig.html</filename>. This is because of the <literal>id</literal> value, and is not related to the name of the directory.
In earlier versions of the Handbook, the files were stored in the same directory as <filename>book.xml</filename>, and named after the value of the <literal>id</literal> attribute on the file's <tag>chapter</tag> element. Now, it is possible to include images in each chapter. Images for each Handbook chapter are stored within <filename>share/images/books/handbook</filename>. The localized version of these images should be placed in the same directory as the <acronym>XML</acronym> sources for each chapter. Namespace collisions are inevitable, and it is easier to work with several directories with a few files in them than it is to work with one directory that has many files in it.
A brief look will show that there are many directories with individual <filename>chapter.xml</filename> files, including <filename>basics/chapter.xml</filename>, <filename>introduction/chapter.xml</filename>, and <filename>printing/chapter.xml</filename>.
Do not name chapters or directories after their ordering within the Handbook. This ordering can change as the content within the Handbook is reorganized. Reorganization should be possible without renaming files, unless entire chapters are being promoted or demoted within the hierarchy.


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