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<application>Subversion</application> References
These examples show very basic usage of <application>Subversion</application>. More detail is available in the <link xlink:href="">Subversion Book</link> and the <link xlink:href="">Subversion documentation</link>.
Documentation Directory Structure
Files and directories in the <filename>doc/</filename> tree follow a structure meant to:
Make it easy to automate converting the document to other formats.
Promote consistency between the different documentation organizations, to make it easier to switch between working on different documents.
Make it easy to decide where in the tree new documentation should be placed.
In addition, the documentation tree must accommodate documents in many different languages and encodings. It is important that the documentation tree structure does not enforce any particular defaults or cultural preferences.
The Top Level, <filename>doc/</filename>
There are two types of directory under <filename>doc/</filename>, each with very specific directory names and meanings.
Contains files that are not specific to the various translations and encodings of the documentation. Contains subdirectories to further categorize the information. For example, the files that comprise the <citerefentry><refentrytitle>make</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry> infrastructure are in <filename>share/mk</filename>, while the additional <acronym>XML</acronym> support files (such as the FreeBSD extended DocBook <acronym>DTD</acronym>) are in <filename>share/xml</filename>.
One directory exists for each available translation and encoding of the documentation, for example <filename>en_US.ISO8859-1/</filename> and <filename>zh_TW.UTF-8/</filename>. The names are long, but by fully specifying the language and encoding we prevent any future headaches when a translation team wants to provide documentation in the same language but in more than one encoding. This also avoids problems that might be caused by a future switch to Unicode.
The <filename><replaceable>lang</replaceable>.<replaceable>encoding</replaceable>/</filename> Directories
These directories contain the documents themselves. The documentation is split into up to three more categories at this level, indicated by the different directory names.
Documentation marked up as a DocBook <tag>article</tag> (or equivalent). Reasonably short, and broken up into sections. Normally only available as one <acronym>XHTML</acronym> file.
Documentation marked up as a DocBook <tag>book</tag> (or equivalent). Book length, and broken up into chapters. Normally available as both one large <acronym>XHTML</acronym> file (for people with fast connections, or who want to print it easily from a browser) and as a collection of linked, smaller files.
For translations of the system manual pages. This directory will contain one or more <filename role="directory">man<replaceable>N</replaceable></filename> directories, corresponding to the sections that have been translated.
Not every <filename role="directory"><replaceable>lang</replaceable>.<replaceable>encoding</replaceable></filename> directory will have all of these subdirectories. It depends on how much translation has been accomplished by that translation team.
Document-Specific Information
This section contains specific notes about particular documents managed by the FDP.
The Handbook
The Handbook is written in DocBook <acronym>XML</acronym> using the FreeBSD DocBook extended <acronym>DTD</acronym>.
The Handbook is organized as a DocBook <tag>book</tag>. The book is divided into <tag>part</tag>s, each of which contains several <tag>chapter</tag>s. <tag>chapter</tag>s are further subdivided into sections (<tag>sect1</tag>) and subsections (<tag>sect2</tag>, <tag>sect3</tag>) and so on.


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