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<link xlink:href=""></link> (IPv6)
Open<acronym>PGP</acronym> Keys
<primary>pgp keys</primary>
The Open<acronym>PGP</acronym> keys of the <systemitem class="fqdomainname"></systemitem> officers are shown here. These keys can be used to verify a signature or send encrypted email to one of the officers. A full list of FreeBSD Open<acronym>PGP</acronym> keys is available in the <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/pgpkeys"><acronym>PGP</acronym> Keys</link> article. The complete keyring can be downloaded at <link xlink:href=""></link>.
FreeBSD Glossary
This glossary contains terms and acronyms used within the FreeBSD community and documentation.
<acronym>ACPI</acronym> Machine Language
Pseudocode, interpreted by a virtual machine within an <acronym>ACPI</acronym>-compliant operating system, providing a layer between the underlying hardware and the documented interface presented to the <acronym>OS</acronym>.
<acronym>ACPI</acronym> Source Language
The programming language <acronym>AML</acronym> is written in.
Access Control List
A list of permissions attached to an object, usually either a file or a network device.
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
A specification which provides an abstraction of the interface the hardware presents to the operating system, so that the operating system should need to know nothing about the underlying hardware to make the most of it. <acronym>ACPI</acronym> evolves and supersedes the functionality provided previously by <acronym>APM</acronym>, <acronym>PNPBIOS</acronym> and other technologies, and provides facilities for controlling power consumption, machine suspension, device enabling and disabling, etc.
Application Programming Interface
A set of procedures, protocols and tools that specify the canonical interaction of one or more program parts; how, when and why they do work together, and what data they share or operate on.
Advanced Power Management
An <acronym>API</acronym> enabling the operating system to work in conjunction with the <acronym>BIOS</acronym> in order to achieve power management. <acronym>APM</acronym> has been superseded by the much more generic and powerful <acronym>ACPI</acronym> specification for most applications.
Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller


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