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A hardware standard used to connect a wide variety of computer peripherals to a universal interface.
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An <acronym>RS232C</acronym> pin or wire that data is transmitted on.
Trivial <acronym>FTP</acronym>
Uniform Resource Locator
A method of locating a resource, such as a document on the Internet and a means to identify that resource.
Unix File System Version 1
The original <trademark class="registered">UNIX</trademark> file system, sometimes called the Berkeley Fast File System.
Unix File System Version 2
An extension to <acronym>UFS1</acronym>, introduced in FreeBSD 5-CURRENT. <acronym>UFS2</acronym> adds 64 bit block pointers (breaking the 1T barrier), support for extended file storage and other features.
Universal Serial Bus
A hardware standard used to connect a wide variety of computer peripherals to a universal interface.
User ID
A unique number assigned to each user of a computer, by which the resources and permissions assigned to that user can be identified.
User Datagram Protocol
A simple, unreliable datagram protocol which is used for exchanging data on a TCP/IP network. <acronym>UDP</acronym> does not provide error checking and correction like <acronym>TCP</acronym>.
Virtual Private Network
A method of using a public telecommunication such as the Internet, to provide remote access to a localized network, such as a corporate <acronym>LAN</acronym>.
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