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<primary>Spectra Logic</primary>
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<link xlink:href="">iXsystems</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The TrueNAS line of unified storage appliances is based on FreeBSD. In addition to their commercial products, iXsystems also manages development of the open source projects TrueOS and FreeNAS. <link xlink:href="">iXsystems</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - تجهیزات ذخیره‌سازی یکپارچهٔ TrueNAS بر پایهٔ FreeBSD هستند. علاوه بر محصولات تجاری خود، iXsystems مسئولیت توسعهٔ پروژه‌های متن باز TrueOS و FreeNAS را نیز بر عهده دارد.
<primary>Juniper</primary> <primary>Juniper</primary>
<link xlink:href="">Juniper</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The JunOS operating system that powers all Juniper networking gear (including routers, switches, security, and networking appliances) is based on FreeBSD. Juniper is one of many vendors that showcases the symbiotic relationship between the project and vendors of commercial products. Improvements generated at Juniper are upstreamed into FreeBSD to reduce the complexity of integrating new features from FreeBSD back into JunOS in the future. <link xlink:href="">Juniper</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - سامانهٔ عامل JunOS که قدرت‌بخش تمام ابزارهای شبکه‌سازی Juniper (شامل مسیریاب‌ها، سوده‌ها، امنیت، و تجهیزات شبکه‌سازی) است، بر پایهٔ FreeBSD هست. Juniper یکی از عرضه‌کنندگان بسیاری است که همبستگی میان پروژه و عرضه‌کنندگان محصولات تجاری را نمایش می دهد. بهسازی‌هایی که در Juniper ایجاد می‌شوند سمت FreeBSD بازگشت داده می‌شوند تا از پیچیدگی ادغام کردن امکانات جدید از FreeBSD به JunOS در آینده کاسته شود.
<primary>McAfee</primary> <primary>McAfee</primary>
<link xlink:href="">McAfee</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - SecurOS, the basis of McAfee enterprise firewall products including Sidewinder is based on FreeBSD. <link xlink:href="">McAfee</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - SecureOS، زیربنای محصولات سپروارهٔ سازمانی McAfee از جمله Sidewinder، بر پایهٔ FreeBSD هست.
<primary>NetApp</primary> <primary>NetApp</primary>
<link xlink:href="">NetApp</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The Data ONTAP GX line of storage appliances are based on FreeBSD. In addition, NetApp has contributed back many features, including the new BSD licensed hypervisor, bhyve. <link xlink:href="">NetApp</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - تجهیزات ذخیره‌سازی Data ONTAP GX بر پایهٔ FreeBSD هستند. همچنین، NetApp امکانات فراوانی را به اشتراک گذاشته است، از جمله bhyve، نرم‌افزار مجازی‌سازی تحت پروانهٔ BSD.
<primary>Netflix</primary> <primary>Netflix</primary>
<link xlink:href="">Netflix</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The OpenConnect appliance that Netflix uses to stream movies to its customers is based on FreeBSD. Netflix has made extensive contributions to the codebase and works to maintain a zero delta from mainline FreeBSD. Netflix OpenConnect appliances are responsible for delivering more than 32% of all Internet traffic in North America.
<link xlink:href="">Sandvine</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - Sandvine uses FreeBSD as the basis of their high performance real-time network processing platforms that make up their intelligent network policy control products.
<link xlink:href="">Sony</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The PlayStation 4 gaming console runs a modified version of FreeBSD.
<link xlink:href="">Sophos</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The Sophos Email Appliance product is based on a hardened FreeBSD and scans inbound mail for spam and viruses, while also monitoring outbound mail for malware as well as the accidental loss of sensitive information.
<primary>Spectra Logic</primary>
<link xlink:href="">Spectra Logic</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The nTier line of archive grade storage appliances run FreeBSD and OpenZFS.
<link xlink:href="">Stormshield</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - Stormshield Network Security appliances are based on a hardened version of FreeBSD. The BSD license allows them to integrate their own intellectual property with the system while returning a great deal of interesting development to the community.
<primary>The Weather Channel</primary>
<link xlink:href="">The Weather Channel</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The IntelliStar appliance that is installed at each local cable provider's headend and is responsible for injecting local weather forecasts into the cable TV network's programming runs FreeBSD.
<link xlink:href="">Verisign</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - Verisign is responsible for operating the .com and .net root domain registries as well as the accompanying DNS infrastructure. They rely on a number of different network operating systems including FreeBSD to ensure there is no common point of failure in their infrastructure.
<link xlink:href="">Voxer</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - Voxer powers their mobile voice messaging platform with ZFS on FreeBSD. Voxer switched from a Solaris derivative to FreeBSD because of its superior documentation, larger and more active community, and more developer friendly environment. In addition to critical features like <acronym>ZFS</acronym> and DTrace, FreeBSD also offers TRIM support for <acronym>ZFS</acronym>.
<primary>Fudo Security</primary>
<link xlink:href="">Fudo Security</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The FUDO security appliance allows enterprises to monitor, control, record, and audit contractors and administrators who work on their systems. Based on all of the best security features of FreeBSD including ZFS, GELI, Capsicum, HAST, and auditdistd.
FreeBSD has also spawned a number of related open source projects:
<primary>BSD Router</primary>
<link xlink:href="">BSD Router</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - A FreeBSD based replacement for large enterprise routers designed to run on standard PC hardware.


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