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Allowing the window manager to control windows for programs running via WINE, such as running resizing functions on them.
Create an emulated virtual desktop, within which all WINE programs will run. If this item is selected, the size of the virtual desktop can be specified using the <emphasis>Desktop size</emphasis> input boxes.
Setting the screen resolution for programs running via WINE.
Desktop Integration
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This tab allows configuration of the following items:
The theme and related visual settings to be used for programs running via WINE.
Whether the WINE sub-system should manage MIME types (used to determine which application opens a particular file type) internally.
Mappings of directories in the host FreeBSD system to useful folders within the <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> environment. To change an existing association, select the desired item and click <emphasis>Browse</emphasis>, then use the provided dialog to select a directory.
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The <emphasis>Drives</emphasis> tab allows linking of directories in the host FreeBSD system to drive letters in the <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> environment. The default values in this tab should look familiar, as they're displaying the contents of <filename>dosdevices/</filename> in the current WINE prefix. Changes made via this dialog will reflect in <filename>dosdevices</filename>, and properly-formatted links created in that directory will display in this tab.
To create a new entry, such as for a CD-ROM (mounted at <filename>/mnt/cdrom</filename>), take the following steps:
Click the <emphasis>Add </emphasis> button. <emphasis>حروف خمیده</emphasis>
In the provided dialog, choose a free drive letter.
Click <emphasis>OK</emphasis>. <emphasis>حروف خمیده</emphasis>
Fill in the <emphasis>Path</emphasis> input box by either typing the path to the resource, or click <emphasis>Browse </emphasis> and use the provided dialog to select it.
By default WINE will autodetect the type of resource linked, but this can be manually overridden. See <link xlink:href="">the section in the WINE Wiki</link> for more detail on advanced options.
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This tab contains some configurable options for routing sound from <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> programs to the native FreeBSD sound system, including:
Driver selection
Default device selection
Sound test
_ external ref='wine/wine-config-7' md5='__failed__'
The final tab contains information on the WINE project, including a link to the website. It also allows entry of (entirely optional) user information, although this is not sent anywhere as it is in other operating systems.
WINE Management GUIs
While the base install of WINE comes with a GUI configuration tool in <application>winecfg</application>, it is main purpose is just that: strictly configuring an existing WINE prefix. There are, however, more advanced applications that will assist in the initial installation of applications as well as optimizing their WINE environments. The below sections include a selection of the most popular.
<application>winetricks</application> is a cross-platform, general purpose helper program for WINE. It is not developed by the WINE project proper, but rather maintained on <link xlink:href="">Github</link> by a group of contributors. It contains some automated "recipes" for getting common applications to work on WINE, both by optimizing the settings as well as acquiring some DLL libraries automatically.


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