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The <emphasis>Applications</emphasis> contains controls enabling the association of programs with a particular version of <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark>. On first start-up the <emphasis>Application settings</emphasis> section will contain a single entry: <emphasis>Default Settings</emphasis>. This corresponds to all the default configurations of the prefix, which (as the disabled <emphasis>Remove application</emphasis> button implies) cannot be deleted.
But additional applications can be added with the following process:
Click the <emphasis>Add application</emphasis> button. <emphasis>حروف خمیده</emphasis>
Use the provided dialog to select the desired program's executable.
Select the version of <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> to be used with the selected program. اصول پایه <trademark class="registered">UNIX</trademark> را آموزش می‌دهند.
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WINE provides a set of open source library files as part of its distribution that provide the same functions as their <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> counterparts. However, as noted earlier in this chapter, the WINE project is always trying to keep pace with new updates to these libraries. As a result, the versions that ship with WINE may be missing functionality that the latest <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> programs are expecting.
However, <application>winecfg</application> makes it possible specify overrides for the built-in libraries, particularly there is a version of <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> available on the same machine as the host FreeBSD installation. For each library to be overridden, do the following:
Open the <emphasis>New override for library</emphasis> drop-down and select the library to be replaced.
Click the <emphasis>Add</emphasis> button. <emphasis>حروف خمیده</emphasis>
The new override will appear in the <emphasis>Existing overrides</emphasis> list, notice the <emphasis>native, builtin</emphasis> designation in parentheses.
Click to select the library.
Click the <emphasis>Edit</emphasis> button. <emphasis>حروف خمیده</emphasis>
Use the provided dialog to select a corresponding library to be used in place of the built-in one.
Be sure to select a file that is truly the corresponding version of the built-in one, otherwise there may be unexpected behavior.
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The <emphasis>Graphics</emphasis> tab provides some options to make the windows of programs run via WINE operate smoothly with FreeBSD
Automatic mouse capture when windows are full-screen.
Allowing the FreeBSD window manager to decorate the windows, such as their title bars, for programs running via WINE.
Allowing the window manager to control windows for programs running via WINE, such as running resizing functions on them.
Create an emulated virtual desktop, within which all WINE programs will run. If this item is selected, the size of the virtual desktop can be specified using the <emphasis>Desktop size</emphasis> input boxes.
Setting the screen resolution for programs running via WINE.
Desktop Integration
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This tab allows configuration of the following items:
The theme and related visual settings to be used for programs running via WINE.
Whether the WINE sub-system should manage MIME types (used to determine which application opens a particular file type) internally.


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