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<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>pkg install sane-backendi386-wine winetricks</userinput>
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<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>pkg install i386-wine winetricks</userinput>
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_ external ref='wine/wine-config-6' md5='__failed__'
This tab contains some configurable options for routing sound from <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> programs to the native FreeBSD sound system, including:
Driver selection
Default device selection
Sound test
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The final tab contains information on the WINE project, including a link to the website. It also allows entry of (entirely optional) user information, although this is not sent anywhere as it is in other operating systems.
WINE Management GUIs
While the base install of WINE comes with a GUI configuration tool in <application>winecfg</application>, it is main purpose is just that: strictly configuring an existing WINE prefix. There are, however, more advanced applications that will assist in the initial installation of applications as well as optimizing their WINE environments. The below sections include a selection of the most popular.
<application>winetricks</application> is a cross-platform, general purpose helper program for WINE. It is not developed by the WINE project proper, but rather maintained on <link xlink:href="">Github</link> by a group of contributors. It contains some automated "recipes" for getting common applications to work on WINE, both by optimizing the settings as well as acquiring some DLL libraries automatically.
Installing <application>winetricks</application> <application>پررنگ</application>
To install <application>winetricks</application> on a FreeBSD using binary packages, use the following commands (note <application>winetricks</application> requires either the i386-wine or i386-wine-devel package, and is therefore not installed automatically with other dependencies):
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>pkg install i386-wine winetricks</userinput> <prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>pkg install sane-backends</userinput>
To compile it from source, issue the following in the terminal:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>cd /usr/ports/emulators/i386-wine
<prompt>#</prompt> make install
<prompt>#</prompt> cd /usr/ports/emulators/winetricks
<prompt>#</prompt> make install</userinput>
If a manual installation is required, refer to the <link xlink:href="">Github</link> account for instructions.
Using <application>winetricks</application> <application>پررنگ</application>
Run <application>winetricks</application> with the following command:
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput>winetricks</userinput> <prompt>%</prompt> <userinput>top</userinput>
Note: this should be in a 32-bit prefix to run <application>winetricks</application>. Launching <application>winetricks</application> displays a window with a number of choices, as follows:
_ external ref='wine/winetricks-run-1' md5='__failed__'
Selecting either <emphasis>Install an application</emphasis>, <emphasis>Install a benchmark</emphasis>, or <emphasis>Install a game</emphasis> shows a list with supported options, such as the one below for applications:
_ external ref='wine/winetricks-run-2' md5='__failed__'
Selecting one or more items and clicking <emphasis>OK</emphasis> will start their installation process(es). Initially, some messages that appear to be errors may show up, but they're actually informational alerts as <application>winetricks</application> configures the WINE environment to get around known issues for the application:
_ external ref='wine/winetricks-app-install-1' md5='__failed__'
Once these are circumvented, the actual installer for the application will be run:
_ external ref='wine/winetricks-app-install-2' md5='__failed__'
Once the installation completes, the new Windows application should be available from the desktop environment's standard menu (shown in the screenshot below for the LXQT desktop environment):


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<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>pkg install sane-backendi386-wine winetricks</userinput>
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