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TeachPorting FreeBSD to <trademark class="registered">UNIXRISC-V</trademark> basics and
(itstool) path: row/entry
Porting FreeBSD to <trademark class="registered">RISC-V</trademark> systems
Context English Persian State
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-ports-announce</link>
Important news and instructions about the Ports Collection (moderated)
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-ports-bugs</link>
Discussion of the ports bugs/PRs
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-ppc</link>
Porting FreeBSD to the <trademark class="registered">PowerPC</trademark>
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-proliant</link>
Technical discussion of FreeBSD on HP ProLiant server platforms
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-python</link>
FreeBSD-specific Python issues
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-rc</link>
Discussion related to the <filename>rc.d</filename> system and its development
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-realtime</link>
Development of realtime extensions to FreeBSD
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-riscv</link>
Porting FreeBSD to <trademark class="registered">RISC-V</trademark> systems اصول پایه <trademark class="registered">UNIX</trademark> را آموزش می‌دهند.
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-ruby</link>
FreeBSD-specific Ruby discussions
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-scsi</link>
The SCSI subsystem
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-security</link>
Security issues affecting FreeBSD
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-snapshots</link>
FreeBSD Development Snapshot Announcements
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-sparc64</link>
Porting FreeBSD to <trademark class="registered">SPARC</trademark> based systems
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-standards</link>
FreeBSD's conformance to the C99 and the <trademark class="registered">POSIX</trademark> standards
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-sysinstall</link>
<citerefentry><refentrytitle>sysinstall</refentrytitle><manvolnum>8</manvolnum></citerefentry> development
<link xlink:href="">freebsd-tcltk</link>


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TeachPorting FreeBSD to <trademark class="registered">UNIXRISC-V</trademark> basics and
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