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Floppy drives
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Finally, each disk on the system is identified. A disk name starts with a code that indicates the type of disk, and then a number, indicating which disk it is. Unlike slices, disk numbering starts at 0. Common codes are listed in <xref linkend="disks-naming"/>. Finalmente, cada disco no sistema é identificado. Um nome de disco começa com um código que indica o tipo de disco e, em seguida, um número, indicando qual é o disco. Ao contrário das slices, a numeração de discos começa em 0. Códigos usuais são listados em <xref linkend="disks-naming"/>.
When referring to a partition, include the disk name, <literal>s</literal>, the slice number, and then the partition letter. Examples are shown in <xref linkend="basics-disk-slice-part"/>. Ao se referir a uma partição, inclua o nome do disco, <literal>s</literal>, o número da slice, em seguida, a letra da partição. Exemplos são mostrados em <xref linkend="basics-disk-slice-part"/>.
<xref linkend="basics-concept-disk-model"/> shows a conceptual model of a disk layout. <xref linkend="basics-concept-disk-model"/> mostra um modelo conceitual de um layout de disco.
When installing FreeBSD, configure the disk slices, create partitions within the slice to be used for FreeBSD, create a file system or swap space in each partition, and decide where each file system will be mounted. Ao instalar o FreeBSD, configure as slices de disco, crie partições dentro da slice a ser usada para o FreeBSD, crie um sistema de arquivos ou espaço de swap em cada partição e decida onde cada sistema de arquivos será montado.
Disk Device Names Nomes de dispositivos de disco
Drive Type Tipo de drive
Drive Device Name Nome do drive
<acronym>SATA</acronym> and <acronym>IDE</acronym> hard drives discos rígidos <acronym>SATA</acronym> e <acronym>IDE</acronym>
<literal>ada</literal> or <literal>ad</literal> <literal>ada</literal> ou <literal>ad</literal>
<acronym>SCSI</acronym> hard drives and <acronym>USB</acronym> storage devices Discos rígidos <acronym>SCSI</acronym> e dispositivos de armazenamento <acronym>USB</acronym>
<literal>da</literal> <literal>da</literal>
<acronym>SATA</acronym> and <acronym>IDE</acronym> <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> drives drives de <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> <acronym>SATA</acronym> e <acronym>IDE</acronym>
<literal>cd</literal> or <literal>acd</literal> <literal>cd</literal> ou <literal>acd</literal>
<acronym>SCSI</acronym> <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> drives Unidades <acronym>SCSI</acronym> <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym>
<literal>cd</literal> <literal>cd</literal>
Floppy drives Unidades de disquete
<literal>fd</literal> <literal>fd</literal>
Assorted non-standard <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> drives Unidades de <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> não-padrão variadas
<literal>mcd</literal> for Mitsumi <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> and <literal>scd</literal> for Sony <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> devices <literal>mcd</literal> para <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> Mitsumi e <literal>scd</literal> para dispositivos de <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> Sony
<acronym>SCSI</acronym> tape drives Unidades de fita <acronym>SCSI</acronym>
<literal>sa</literal> <literal>sa</literal>
<acronym>IDE</acronym> tape drives Unidades de fita <acronym>IDE</acronym>
<literal>ast</literal> <literal>ast</literal>
RAID drives Drives RAID
Examples include <literal>aacd</literal> for <trademark class="registered">Adaptec</trademark> AdvancedRAID, <literal>mlxd</literal> and <literal>mlyd</literal> for <trademark class="registered">Mylex</trademark>, <literal>amrd</literal> for AMI <trademark class="registered">MegaRAID</trademark>, <literal>idad</literal> for Compaq Smart RAID, <literal>twed</literal> for <trademark class="registered">3ware</trademark> RAID. Exemplos incluem <literal>aacd</literal> para <trademark class="registered">Adaptec</trademark> AdvancedRAID, <literal>mlxd</literal> e <literal>mlyd</literal> para <trademark class="registered">Mylex</trademark>, <literal>amrd</literal> para AMI <trademark class="registered">MegaRAID</trademark>, <literal>idad</literal> para Compaq Smart RAID, <literal>twed</literal> para <trademark class="registered">3ware</trademark> RAID.
Sample Disk, Slice, and Partition Names Exemplo de Nomes de Disco, Slice e Partição
Name Nome
Meaning Significado
<literal>ada0s1a</literal> <literal>ada0s1a</literal>
The first partition (<literal>a</literal>) on the first slice (<literal>s1</literal>) on the first <acronym>SATA</acronym> disk (<literal>ada0</literal>). A primeira partição (<literal>a</literal>) na primeira slice (<literal>s1</literal>) no primeiro disco <acronym>SATA</acronym> (<literal>ada0</literal>).
<literal>da1s2e</literal> <literal>da1s2e</literal>


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