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Manual Configuration
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<literal>Services</literal> - Described in <xref linkend="bsdinstall-sysconf"/>.
<literal>Services</literal> - Descrito em <xref linkend="bsdinstall-sysconf"/>.
<literal>System Hardening</literal> - Described in <xref linkend="bsdinstall-hardening"/>.
<literal>System Hardening</literal> - Descrito em <xref linkend="bsdinstall-hardening"/>.
<literal>Time Zone</literal> - Described in <xref linkend="bsdinstall-timezone"/>.
<literal>Time Zone</literal> - Descrito em <xref linkend="bsdinstall-timezone"/>.
<literal>Handbook</literal> - Download and install the FreeBSD Handbook.
<literal>Handbook</literal> - Faça o download e instale o FreeBSD Handbook.
After any final configuration is complete, select <guibutton>Exit</guibutton>.
Depois que completar qualquer configuração final que tenha faltado, selecione <guibutton>Exit</guibutton>.
Manual Configuration
Configuração manual
external ref='bsdinstall/bsdinstall-final-modification-shell' md5='__failed__'
external ref='bsdinstall/bsdinstall-final-modification-shell' md5='__failed__'
<application>bsdinstall</application> will prompt if there are any additional configuration that needs to be done before rebooting into the new system. Select <guibutton>[ Yes ]</guibutton> to exit to a shell within the new system or <guibutton>[ No ]</guibutton> to proceed to the last step of the installation.
O <application>bsdinstall</application> perguntará se há alguma configuração adicional que precise ser feita antes de reinicializar o novo sistema. Selecione <guibutton>[Yes]</guibutton> para sair para um shell dentro do novo sistema ou <guibutton>[No]</guibutton> para prosseguir para a última etapa da instalação.
Complete the Installation
Conclua a instalação
external ref='bsdinstall/bsdinstall-mainexit' md5='__failed__'
external ref='bsdinstall/bsdinstall-mainexit' md5='__failed__'
If further configuration or special setup is needed, select <guibutton>[ Live CD ]</guibutton> to boot the install media into Live <acronym>CD</acronym> mode.
Se outras configurações ou configurações especiais forem necessárias, selecione <guibutton>[Live CD]</guibutton> para inicializar a mídia de instalação no modo Live <acronym>CD</acronym>.


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