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<literal>mcd</literal> for Mitsumi <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> and <literal>scd</literal> for Sony <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> devices
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When installing FreeBSD, configure the disk slices, create partitions within the slice to be used for FreeBSD, create a file system or swap space in each partition, and decide where each file system will be mounted. FreeBSD'yi yüklerken, disk dilimlerini yapılandırın, FreeBSD için kullanılacak dilim içinde bölümler oluşturun, her bölümde bir dosya sistemi veya alan değiştirin ve her dosya sisteminin nerede oluşturalacağına karar verin.
Disk Device Names Disk Aygıt Adları
Drive Type Sürücü Çeşitleri
Drive Device Name Sürücü Aygıt Adı
<acronym>SATA</acronym> and <acronym>IDE</acronym> hard drives <acronym>SATA</acronym> and <acronym>IDE</acronym> üst sürücü
<literal>ada</literal> or <literal>ad</literal> <literal>ada</literal> or <literal>ad</literal>
<acronym>SCSI</acronym> hard drives and <acronym>USB</acronym> storage devices <acronym>SCSI</acronym> hard drives and <acronym>USB</acronym> storage devices
<literal>da</literal> <literal>da</literal>
<acronym>SATA</acronym> and <acronym>IDE</acronym> <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> drives <acronym>SATA</acronym> and <acronym>IDE</acronym> <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> drives
<literal>cd</literal> or <literal>acd</literal> <literal>cd</literal> or <literal>acd</literal>
<acronym>SCSI</acronym> <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> drives <acronym>SCSI</acronym> <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> sürücüler
<literal>cd</literal> <literal>cd</literal>
Floppy drives Disket sürücüsü
<literal>fd</literal> <literal>fd</literal>
Assorted non-standard <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> drives Assorted non-standard <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> drives
<literal>mcd</literal> for Mitsumi <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> and <literal>scd</literal> for Sony <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> devices <literal>mcd</literal> for Mitsumi <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> and <literal>scd</literal> for Sony <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> devices
<acronym>SCSI</acronym> tape drives <acronym>SCSI</acronym> teyp sürücüler
<literal>sa</literal> <literal>sa</literal>
<acronym>IDE</acronym> tape drives <acronym>IDE</acronym> teyp sürücüler
<literal>ast</literal> <literal>ast</literal>
RAID drives RAID sürücü
Examples include <literal>aacd</literal> for <trademark class="registered">Adaptec</trademark> AdvancedRAID, <literal>mlxd</literal> and <literal>mlyd</literal> for <trademark class="registered">Mylex</trademark>, <literal>amrd</literal> for AMI <trademark class="registered">MegaRAID</trademark>, <literal>idad</literal> for Compaq Smart RAID, <literal>twed</literal> for <trademark class="registered">3ware</trademark> RAID. Örnekler <literal>aacd</literal> <trademark class="registered">Adaptec</trademark> AdvancedRAID, <literal>mlxd</literal> ve <literal>mlyd</literal> için <trademark class="registered">Mylex</trademark>, <literal>amrd</literal> for AMI <trademark class="registered">MegaRAID</trademark>, <literal>idad</literal> için Compaq Smart RAID, <literal>twed</literal> için <trademark class="registered">3ware</trademark> RAID içerir.
Sample Disk, Slice, and Partition Names Örnek Disk, Dilim ve Disk Bölümü Adları
Name Ad
Meaning Anlam
<literal>ada0s1a</literal> <literal>ada0s1a</literal>
The first partition (<literal>a</literal>) on the first slice (<literal>s1</literal>) on the first <acronym>SATA</acronym> disk (<literal>ada0</literal>). İlk disk bölümü <literal>a</literal> ilk dilimin (<literal>s1</literal>) ilk <acronym>SATA</acronym>disk (<literal>ada0</literal>).
<literal>da1s2e</literal> <literal>da1s2e</literal>
The fifth partition (<literal>e</literal>) on the second slice (<literal>s2</literal>) on the second SCSI disk (<literal>da1</literal>). İkinci SCSI diskindeki (<literal>da1</literal>) ikinci dilimdeki beşinci bölüm (<literal>e</literal>) (<literal>s2</literal>).
Conceptual Model of a Disk Disk'in Kavramsal Kuramı
This diagram shows FreeBSD's view of the first <acronym>SATA</acronym> disk attached to the system. Assume that the disk is 250 GB in size, and contains an 80 GB slice and a 170 GB slice (<trademark class="registered">MS-DOS</trademark> partitions). The first slice contains a <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> <acronym>NTFS</acronym> file system, <filename>C:</filename>, and the second slice contains a FreeBSD installation. This example FreeBSD installation has four data partitions and a swap partition. Bu şema FreeBSD'nin sisteme bağlı ilk <acronym>SATA</acronym> diskini göstermektedir. Diskin 250 GB boyutunda olduğunu ve 80 GB dilim ve 170 GB dilim (<trademark class="registered">MS-DOS</trademark> bölümleri) içerdiğini varsayın. İlk dilim bir <trademark class="registered">Windows </trademark><acronym> NTFS dosya sistemi, <filename>C:</filename> ve ikinci dilim bir FreeBSD yüklemesi içeriyor. Bu örnek FreeBSD kurulumunun dört veri bölümü ve bir takas bölümü vardır.


<literal>mcd</literal> for Mitsumi <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> and <literal>scd</literal> for Sony <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> devices
<literal>mcd</literal> for Mitsumi <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> and <literal>scd</literal> for Sony <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> devices
8 months ago
<literal>mcd</literal> for Mitsumi <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> and <literal>scd</literal> for Sony <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> devices
<literal>mcd</literal> for Mitsumi <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> and <literal>scd</literal> for Sony <acronym>CD-ROM</acronym> devices
8 months ago
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