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An extension to <acronym>UFS1</acronym>, introduced in FreeBSD 5-CURRENT. <acronym>UFS2</acronym> adds 64 bit block pointers (breaking the 1T barrier), support for extended file storage and other features.
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Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
The term for the combination of the <acronym>TCP</acronym> protocol running over the <acronym>IP</acronym> protocol. Much of the Internet runs over <acronym>TCP/IP</acronym>.
An <acronym>RS232C</acronym> pin or wire that data is transmitted on.
Trivial <acronym>FTP</acronym>
Uniform Resource Locator
A method of locating a resource, such as a document on the Internet and a means to identify that resource.
Unix File System Version 1
The original <trademark class="registered">UNIX</trademark> file system, sometimes called the Berkeley Fast File System.
Unix File System Version 2
An extension to <acronym>UFS1</acronym>, introduced in FreeBSD 5-CURRENT. <acronym>UFS2</acronym> adds 64 bit block pointers (breaking the 1T barrier), support for extended file storage and other features.
Universal Serial Bus
A hardware standard used to connect a wide variety of computer peripherals to a universal interface.
User ID
A unique number assigned to each user of a computer, by which the resources and permissions assigned to that user can be identified.
User Datagram Protocol
A simple, unreliable datagram protocol which is used for exchanging data on a TCP/IP network. <acronym>UDP</acronym> does not provide error checking and correction like <acronym>TCP</acronym>.
Virtual Private Network
A method of using a public telecommunication such as the Internet, to provide remote access to a localized network, such as a corporate <acronym>LAN</acronym>.
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English Turkish (tr_TR)
Block engellemek FreeBSD Doc
credential file kimlik bilgileri dosyası FreeBSD Doc
Extended (Ext) File System Genişletilmiş Dosya Sistemi FreeBSD Doc
extended partition Ek bellek bölümü FreeBSD Doc
extension uzantı,eklenti FreeBSD Doc
file system dosya sistemi FreeBSD Doc
FreeBSD branch FreeBSD şubesi FreeBSD Doc
home storage ev depolama FreeBSD Doc
log file sistem günlük dosyası FreeBSD Doc
native file system yerel dosya sistemi FreeBSD Doc
network file system ağ dosya sistemi FreeBSD Doc
plain text file düz metin dosyası FreeBSD Doc
pointer işaretleyici FreeBSD Doc
security extension güvenlik uzantısı FreeBSD Doc
storage depolama FreeBSD Doc
supported file system desteklenen dosya sistemi FreeBSD Doc
swap file getir götür kütüğü FreeBSD Doc

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