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An <acronym>RS232C</acronym> signal requesting that the remote system commences transmission of data.
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Random Access Memory
Revision Control System
The <emphasis>Revision Control System</emphasis> (<acronym>RCS</acronym>) is one of the oldest software suites that implement <quote>revision control</quote> for plain files. It allows the storage, retrieval, archival, logging, identification and merging of multiple revisions for each file. RCS consists of many small tools that work together. It lacks some of the features found in more modern revision control systems, like Git, but it is very simple to install, configure, and start using for a small set of files.
An <acronym>RS232C</acronym> pin or wire that data is received on.
Recommended Standard 232C
A standard for communications between serial devices.
Reduced Instruction Set Computer
An approach to processor design where the operations the hardware can perform are simplified but made as general purpose as possible. This can lead to lower power consumption, fewer transistors and in some cases, better performance and increased code density. Examples of RISC processors include the Alpha, <trademark class="registered">SPARC</trademark>, <trademark class="registered">ARM</trademark> and <trademark class="registered">PowerPC</trademark>.
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
Remote Procedure Call
Request For Comments
A set of documents defining Internet standards, protocols, and so forth. See <link xlink:href=""></link>.
Also used as a general term when someone has a suggested change and wants feedback.
Request To Send
An <acronym>RS232C</acronym> signal requesting that the remote system commences transmission of data.
Router Advertisement
<acronym>SMTP</acronym> Authentication
Server Message Block
An <acronym>RS232</acronym> pin or wire that is the ground reference for the signal.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Secure Shell


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English Turkish (tr_TR)
base system temel sistem FreeBSD Doc
data veri FreeBSD Doc
data loss veri kaybı FreeBSD Doc
Extended (Ext) File System Genişletilmiş Dosya Sistemi FreeBSD Doc
file system dosya sistemi FreeBSD Doc
host system ana bilgisayar sistemi FreeBSD Doc
meta data meta veri FreeBSD Doc
native file system yerel dosya sistemi FreeBSD Doc
network file system ağ dosya sistemi FreeBSD Doc
operating system işletim sistemi FreeBSD Doc
remote uzaktan kontrol FreeBSD Doc
remote connection uzak bağlantı FreeBSD Doc
request istek FreeBSD Doc
Signal Names sinyal adları FreeBSD Doc
supported file system desteklenen dosya sistemi FreeBSD Doc
system administration Sistem Yönetimi FreeBSD Doc
system call sistem çağrısı FreeBSD Doc
system collapsing sistem çökmesi FreeBSD Doc

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