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The following section describes some frequently asked questions, tips/tricks, or common issues in running WINE on FreeBSD, along with their respective answers.
Basic Installation and Usage Yükleme Öncesi Görevleri
How to Install 32-bit and 64-bit WINE on the Same System?
As described earlier in this section, the <application>wine</application> and <application>i386-wine</application> packages conflict with one another, and therefore cannot be installed on the same system in the normal way. However, multiple installs can be achieved using mechanisms like chroots/jails, or by building WINE from source (note this does <emphasis>not</emphasis> mean building the port).
Can DOS Programs Be Run on WINE?
They can, as "Console User Interface" applications as mentioned eariler in this section. However, there is an arguably better method for running DOS software: <application>DOSBox</application>. On the other hand, there's little reason not to at least try it. Simply create a new prefix, install the software, and if it does not work delete the prefix.
Should the "wine-devel" Package/Port be Installed to Use the Development Version of WINE Instead of Stable?
Yes, installing this version will install the "development" version of WINE. As with the 32- and 64-bit versions, they cannot be installed together with the stable versions unless additional measures are taken.
Note that WINE also has a "Staging" version, which contains the most recent updates. This was at one time available as a FreeBSD port; however, it has since been removed. It can be compiled directly from source however.
Install Optimization Compiz Fusion'ı Yükleme
How Should <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> Hardware (e.g., Graphics) Drivers be Handled? Görüntüyü Yazmak için <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> Kullanma
Operating system drivers transfer commands between applications and hardware. WINE emulates a <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> environment, including the drivers, which in turn use FreeBSD's native drivers for this transfer. it is not advisable to install <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> drivers, as the WINE system is designed to use the host systems drivers. If, for example, a graphics card that benefits from dedicated drivers, install them using the standard FreeBSD methods, not <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> installers.
Is There a way to Make <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> Fonts Look Better? Görüntüyü Yazmak için <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> Kullanma
A user on the FreeBSD forums suggests this configuration to fix out-of-the-box look of WINE fonts, which can be slightly pixelated.
According to <link xlink:href="">a post in the FreeBSD Forums</link>, adding the following to <filename>.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf</filename> will add anti-aliasing and make text more readable.
&lt;?xml version="1.0"?&gt;
&lt;!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd&gt;"


&lt;!-- antialias all fonts --&gt;
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&lt;edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign"&gt;&lt;const&gt;hintslight&lt;/const&gt;&lt;/edit&gt;&gt;
&lt;edit name="rgba" mode="assign"&gt;&lt;const&gt;rgb&lt;/const&gt;&lt;/edit&gt;&gt;
&lt;match target="font"&gt;
&lt;test name="size" compare="less"&gt;
&lt;edit name="antialias" mode="assign"&gt;
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&lt;test name="pixelsize" compare="less" qual="any"&gt;
&lt;edit mode="assign" name="antialias"&gt;
Does Having <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> Installed Elsewhere on a System Help WINE Operate? Görüntüyü Yazmak için <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> Kullanma
It may, depending on the application being run. As mentioned in the section describing <application>winecfg</application>, some built-in WINE DLLs and other libraries can be overridden by providing a path to an alternate version. Provided the <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> partition or drive is mounted to the FreeBSD system and accessible to the user, configuring some of these overrides will use native <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> libraries and may decrease the chance of unexpected behavior.
Application-Specific Uygulama Adı
Where is the Best Place to see if Application X Works on WINE?
The first stop in determining compatibiliy should be the <link xlink:href="">WINE AppDB</link>. This is a compilation of reports of programs working (or not) on all supported platforms, although (as previously mentioned), solutions for one platform are often applicable to others.
Is There Anything That Will Help Games Run Better?
Perhaps. Many <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> games rely on DirectX, a proprietary Microsoft graphics layer. However there are projects in the open source community attempting to implement support for this technology.
The <emphasis>dxvk</emphasis> project, which is an attempt to implement DirectX using the FreeBSD-compatible Vulkan graphics sub-system, is one such. Although its primary target is WINE on Linux, <link xlink:href="">some FreeBSD users report</link> compiling and using dxvk.
In addition, work is under way on a <application>wine-proton</application> <link xlink:href="">port</link>. This will bring the work of Valve, developer of the Steam gaming platform, to FreeBSD. Proton is a distribution of WINE designed to allow many <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> games to run on other operating systems with minimal setup.
Is There Anywhere FreeBSD WINE Users Gather to Exchange Tips and Tricks?
There are plenty of places FreeBSD users discuss issues related to WINE that can be searched for solutions:
<link xlink:href="">The FreeBSD forums</link>, particularly the <emphasis>Installation and Maintenance of Ports or Packages</emphasis> or <emphasis>Emulation and virtualization</emphasis> forums.
<link xlink:href="">FreeBSD IRC channels</link> including #freebsd (for general support), #freebsd-games, and others.
<link xlink:href="">The BSD World Discord server's</link> channels including <emphasis>bsd-desktop</emphasis>, <emphasis>bsd-gaming</emphasis>, <emphasis>bsd-wine</emphasis>, and others.
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