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<emphasis>Packaging the FreeBSD base system.</emphasis>
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<emphasis>Office applications on FreeBSD</emphasis> <emphasis>FreeBSD 上的办公套件应用</emphasis>
Discussion centers around office applications, their installation, their development and their support within FreeBSD. 关于办公套件应用, 它们的安装、 开发和 FreeBSD 支持的讨论中心。
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<emphasis>Project Infrastructure Announcements</emphasis> <emphasis>项目架构通告</emphasis>
This is the mailing list for people interested in changes and issues related to the Project infrastructure. 这是为对FreeBSD.org项目基础架构相关的更改和问题感兴趣的人提供的邮件列表。
This moderated list is strictly for announcements: no replies, requests, discussions, or opinions. 本列表仅用于发布公告:不允许回复、请求、讨论或意见。
<emphasis>Discussions about tuning or speeding up FreeBSD</emphasis> <emphasis>讨论关于调整及高速运行FreeBSD</emphasis>
This mailing list exists to provide a place for hackers, administrators, and/or concerned parties to discuss performance related topics pertaining to FreeBSD. Acceptable topics includes talking about FreeBSD installations that are either under high load, are experiencing performance problems, or are pushing the limits of FreeBSD. Concerned parties that are willing to work toward improving the performance of FreeBSD are highly encouraged to subscribe to this list. This is a highly technical list ideally suited for experienced FreeBSD users, hackers, or administrators interested in keeping FreeBSD fast, robust, and scalable. This list is not a question-and-answer list that replaces reading through documentation, but it is a place to make contributions or inquire about unanswered performance related topics. 这个邮件列表提供了一个为黑客,管理员和有关的团体去讨论与FreeBSD性能相关的主题的空间。 可以在这里进行讨论的包括在任意高负载下,体验版下或者是有限制的条件下安装FreeBSD。 非常鼓励自愿地为了改进FreeBSD性能的相关团体去订阅这个列表。 这是个高技术含量的列表理论上说适合有丰富经验的FreeBSD用户,黑客,或对FreeBSD的速度、性能 、升级感兴趣的管理员。这不是一个问答式的列表,关于这些应该去读相关文档,但他是 一个可以投稿的地方,或者了解关于待解决的与性能相关的主题。
<emphasis>Discussion and questions about the packet filter firewall system</emphasis> <emphasis>关于 packet filter 防火墙系统的问题和讨论</emphasis>
Discussion concerning the packet filter (pf) firewall system in terms of FreeBSD. Technical discussion and user questions are both welcome. This list is also a place to discuss the ALTQ QoS framework. 关于 FreeBSD 环境下 packet filter (pf) 防火墙系统的讨论。 这里欢迎技术讨论, 以及一般的应用问题。 此外, 这里也是讨论 ALTQ QoS 框架的合适场所。
<emphasis>Binary package management and package tools discussion</emphasis> <emphasis>讨论二进制包管理器和打包工具</emphasis>
Discussion of all aspects of managing FreeBSD systems by using binary packages to install software, including binary package toolkits and formats, their development and support within FreeBSD, package repository management, and third party packages. 讨论通过使用二进制软件包安装软件来管理FreeBSD系统的所有方面, 包括二进制软件包工具包和格式、它们在FreeBSD系统中的开发和支持、软件包仓库管理和第三方软件包。
Note that discussion of ports which fail to generate packages correctly should generally be considered as ports problems, and so inappropriate for this list. 注意,讨论不能正确生成包的 port 一般应视为 port 问题,因此不宜在本列表中讨论。
<emphasis>Fallout logs from package building</emphasis> <emphasis>构建包的失败日志</emphasis>
All packages building failures logs from the package building clusters 包构建集群中所有构建失败的日志
<emphasis>Packaging the FreeBSD base system.</emphasis> <emphasis>将FreeBSD基础系统打包。</emphasis>
Discussions surrounding implementation and issues regarding packaging the FreeBSD base system. 围绕着 FreeBSD 基础系统的实现和封装问题的讨论。
<emphasis>Porting to Non <trademark class="registered">Intel</trademark> platforms</emphasis> <emphasis>移植到非 <trademark class="registered">Intel</trademark> 平台上</emphasis>
Cross-platform FreeBSD issues, general discussion and proposals for non <trademark class="registered">Intel</trademark> FreeBSD ports. This is a technical mailing list for which strictly technical content is expected. 跨平台的 FreeBSD 问题, 关于非 <trademark class="registered">Intel</trademark> FreeBSD 移植版本的讨论和提议。 这是一个纯技术性的邮件列表, 其讨论内容严格限制为技术。
<emphasis>Discussion of <quote>ports</quote></emphasis> <emphasis><quote>ports</quote>的讨论</emphasis>
Discussions concerning FreeBSD's <quote>ports collection</quote> (<filename>/usr/ports</filename>), ports infrastructure, and general ports coordination efforts. This is a technical mailing list for which strictly technical content is expected. 关于FreeBSD的<quote>ports collection</quote> (<filename>/usr/ports</filename>)的讨论, ports的基础构造和调整过的ports结构。这是一个纯技术的邮件列表。
<emphasis>Important news and instructions about the FreeBSD <quote>Ports Collection</quote></emphasis> <emphasis>与FreeBSD <quote>Ports Collection</quote>有关的重要消息</emphasis>
Important news for developers, porters, and users of the <quote>Ports Collection</quote> (<filename>/usr/ports</filename>), including architecture/infrastructure changes, new capabilities, critical upgrade instructions, and release engineering information. This is a low-volume mailing list, intended for announcements. <quote>Ports Collection</quote> (<filename>/usr/ports</filename>) 的与开发者和用户相关的重要新闻,涵盖架构/基础设施变更、新功能、关键升级说明和发布工程信息。此邮件列表仅用于发布公告。
<emphasis>Discussion of <quote>ports</quote> bugs</emphasis> <emphasis><quote>ports</quote> bugs 的讨论</emphasis>
Discussions concerning problem reports for FreeBSD's <quote>ports collection</quote> (<filename>/usr/ports</filename>), proposed ports, or modifications to ports. This is a technical mailing list for which strictly technical content is expected. 讨论关于FreeBSD的<quote>ports collection</quote> (<filename>/usr/ports</filename>),问题报告 ports建议,或者ports的修正。这是一个纯技术的邮件列表。
<emphasis>Technical discussion of FreeBSD on HP ProLiant server platforms</emphasis> <emphasis>关于 FreeBSD 在 HP ProLiant 服务器平台上的技术讨论</emphasis>
This mailing list is to be used for the technical discussion of the usage of FreeBSD on HP ProLiant servers, including the discussion of ProLiant-specific drivers, management software, configuration tools, and BIOS updates. As such, this is the primary place to discuss the hpasmd, hpasmcli, and hpacucli modules. 这个邮件列表用来讨论在 HP ProLiant 服务器上使用 FreeBSD, 包括讨论 ProLiant 专用的驱动、 管理软件、 配置工具, 以及 BIOS 更新等。 同样地, 这里也是讨论 hpasmd、 hpasmcli, 以及 hpacucli 模块的主要场所。
<emphasis>Python on FreeBSD</emphasis> <emphasis>FreeBSD 上的 Python</emphasis>
This is a list for discussions related to improving Python-support on FreeBSD. This is a technical mailing list. It is for individuals working on porting Python, its third party modules and <application>Zope</application> stuff to FreeBSD. Individuals interested in following the technical discussion are also welcome. 这是一个讨论关于如何在 FreeBSD 上改善 Python 支持的邮件列表。 这是一个纯技术的邮件列表。 它是为那些移植 Python、 其第三方模块, 以及 <application>Zope</application> 相关软件到 FreeBSD 上的人准备的。 这里也欢迎参与技术讨论的人。
<emphasis>User questions</emphasis> <emphasis>用户问题</emphasis>
This is the mailing list for questions about FreeBSD. Do not send <quote>how to</quote> questions to the technical lists unless the question is quite technical. 这是一个有关FreeBSD问题的邮件列表。您不应当发送<quote>how to</quote> 问题给技术列表,除非您认为这个问题是非常可爱的技术问题。


<emphasis>Packaging the FreeBSD base system.</emphasis>
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