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Default device selection
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Whether the WINE sub-system should manage MIME types (used to determine which application opens a particular file type) internally. WINE子系统是否应该在内部管理MIME(用来决定哪个应用程序打开某个特定的文件类型)。
Mappings of directories in the host FreeBSD system to useful folders within the <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> environment. To change an existing association, select the desired item and click <emphasis>Browse</emphasis>, then use the provided dialog to select a directory. 将 FreeBSD 系统中有用文件夹映射到 <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> 环境中。要改变现有的关联, 选择所需的项目并单击 <emphasis>Browse</emphasis>, 然后使用提供的对话框选择目录。
Drives 驱动器
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The <emphasis>Drives</emphasis> tab allows linking of directories in the host FreeBSD system to drive letters in the <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> environment. The default values in this tab should look familiar, as they're displaying the contents of <filename>dosdevices/</filename> in the current WINE prefix. Changes made via this dialog will reflect in <filename>dosdevices</filename>, and properly-formatted links created in that directory will display in this tab. <emphasis>Drives</emphasis>选项卡允许将FreeBSD系统中的目录链接到<trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark>环境中的盘符。这个选项卡中显示的是当前 WINE 前缀中 <filename>dosdevices/</filename> 的内容。通过该对话框所做的更改将反映在<filename>dosdevices</filename>中,并且在该目录中创建的格式正确的链接将显示在该选项卡中。
To create a new entry, such as for a CD-ROM (mounted at <filename>/mnt/cdrom</filename>), take the following steps: 使用以下步骤创建新条目,以 CD-ROM 为例(挂在在 <filename>/mnt/cdrom</filename>):
Click the <emphasis>Add </emphasis> button. 点击 <emphasis>Add </emphasis> 按钮。
In the provided dialog, choose a free drive letter. 在提供的对话框中,选择一个可用的驱动器号。
Click <emphasis>OK</emphasis>. 点击 <emphasis>OK</emphasis>。
Fill in the <emphasis>Path</emphasis> input box by either typing the path to the resource, or click <emphasis>Browse </emphasis> and use the provided dialog to select it. 输入资源的绝对路径(<emphasis>Path</emphasis>)或点击 <emphasis>Browse </emphasis> 选择资源。
By default WINE will autodetect the type of resource linked, but this can be manually overridden. See <link xlink:href="">the section in the WINE Wiki</link> for more detail on advanced options. 默认情况下,WINE会自动检测链接资源的类型,但这可以被手动覆盖。参见<link xlink:href="">WINE Wiki分</link>以了解更多关于高级选项的细节。
Audio 声音
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This tab contains some configurable options for routing sound from <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> programs to the native FreeBSD sound system, including: 这个选项卡包含了一些可配置的选项,用于将<trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark>程序的声音路由到本地的FreeBSD声音系统,包括:
Driver selection 选择磁盘
Default device selection 默认设备
Sound test 音响测试
About 关于
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The final tab contains information on the WINE project, including a link to the website. It also allows entry of (entirely optional) user information, although this is not sent anywhere as it is in other operating systems. 最后一个标签包含了WINE项目的信息,包含一个网站链接。它还允许输入(完全是可选的)用户信息,尽管这些信息不会像在其他操作系统中那样被发送到任何地方。
WINE Management GUIs WINE 图形管理程序
While the base install of WINE comes with a GUI configuration tool in <application>winecfg</application>, it is main purpose is just that: strictly configuring an existing WINE prefix. There are, however, more advanced applications that will assist in the initial installation of applications as well as optimizing their WINE environments. The below sections include a selection of the most popular. 虽然WINE的基本安装带有一个GUI配置工具<application>winecfg</application>,但它的主要目的只是:严格配置现有的WINE前缀。然而,还有一些更高级的应用程序,它们将帮助初始安装应用程序以及优化它们的WINE环境。下面介绍一些应用。
Winetricks Winetricks
<application>winetricks</application> is a cross-platform, general purpose helper program for WINE. It is not developed by the WINE project proper, but rather maintained on <link xlink:href="">Github</link> by a group of contributors. It contains some automated "recipes" for getting common applications to work on WINE, both by optimizing the settings as well as acquiring some DLL libraries automatically. <application>winetricks</application>是一个跨平台的、通用的WINE帮助程序。它不是由WINE项目开发的,而是由一群贡献者在<link xlink:href="">Github</link>上维护的。它包含了一些自动化的 "配置",通过优化设置和自动获取一些DLL库,让普通应用程序在WINE上工作。
Installing <application>winetricks</application> 安装<application>winetricks</application>
To install <application>winetricks</application> on a FreeBSD using binary packages, use the following commands (note <application>winetricks</application> requires either the i386-wine or i386-wine-devel package, and is therefore not installed automatically with other dependencies): 要在 FreeBSD 上使用二进制包安装 <application>winetricks</application>,请使用以下命令 (注意 <application>winetricks</application> 需要 i386-wine 或 i386-wine-devel 软件包,因此不会与其他依赖项一起自动安装):
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>pkg install i386-wine winetricks</userinput> <prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>pkg install i386-wine winetricks</userinput>
To compile it from source, issue the following in the terminal: 使用以下命令从源码编译安装 winetricks:
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>cd /usr/ports/emulators/i386-wine
<prompt>#</prompt> make install
<prompt>#</prompt> cd /usr/ports/emulators/winetricks
<prompt>#</prompt> make install</userinput>
<prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>cd /usr/ports/emulators/i386-wine
<prompt>#</prompt> make install
<prompt>#</prompt> cd /usr/ports/emulators/winetricks
<prompt>#</prompt> make install</userinput>
If a manual installation is required, refer to the <link xlink:href="">Github</link> account for instructions. 更多详情请访问 <link xlink:href="">Github</link>。
Using <application>winetricks</application> 使用 <application>winetricks</application>


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