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<link xlink:href="">Sony</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The PlayStation 4 gaming console runs a modified version of FreeBSD.
<link xlink:href="">Sony</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - PlayStation 4游戏主机使用了修改过的FreeBSD版本来运作。
<link xlink:href="">Sophos</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The Sophos Email Appliance product is based on a hardened FreeBSD and scans inbound mail for spam and viruses, while also monitoring outbound mail for malware as well as the accidental loss of sensitive information.
<link xlink:href="">Sophos</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - Sophos电子邮件设备产品是以加强防护(Hardened)的FreeBSD为基础,可扫描入站邮件中的垃圾邮件和病毒,同时也可监控出站邮件中的恶意软体及敏感资讯。
<primary>Spectra Logic</primary>
<primary>Spectra Logic</primary>
<link xlink:href="">Spectra Logic</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The nTier line of archive grade storage appliances run FreeBSD and OpenZFS.
<link xlink:href="">Spectra Logic</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - 储藏级储存设备的nTier产品线以FreeBSD和OpenZFS来运作。
<link xlink:href="">Stormshield</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - Stormshield Network Security appliances are based on a hardened version of FreeBSD. The BSD license allows them to integrate their own intellectual property with the system while returning a great deal of interesting development to the community.
<link xlink:href="">Stormshield</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - Stormshield网路安全设备使用了硬体化版本的FreeBSD做为基础,BSD授权条款让他们可将其智慧财产与系统整合并同时回馈大量有趣的发展给社群。
<primary>The Weather Channel</primary>
<primary>The Weather Channel</primary>
<link xlink:href="">The Weather Channel</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - The IntelliStar appliance that is installed at each local cable provider's headend and is responsible for injecting local weather forecasts into the cable TV network's programming runs FreeBSD.
<link xlink:href="">The Weather Channel</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - 被安装在各地有线电视营运商前端,负责加入当地天气预报到有线电视网路节目的IntelliStar设备便是使用FreeBSD。
<link xlink:href="">Verisign</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - Verisign is responsible for operating the .com and .net root domain registries as well as the accompanying DNS infrastructure. They rely on a number of different network operating systems including FreeBSD to ensure there is no common point of failure in their infrastructure.
<link xlink:href="">Verisign</link> <_:indexterm-1/> - VeriSign主要经营.com与.net根网域名称注册业务以及随附的DNS基础设施运作。这些基础设施的运作仰赖各种不同的网路作业系统包括FreeBSD来确保不会有单点故障的问题。


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