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How to install<xref linkend="wine"/> has been added with information about how to run <trademark class="registered">LWinuxdows</trademark> applications on a FreeBSD system.
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<xref linkend="wine"/> has been added with information about how to run <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> applications on FreeBSD.
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SpeedTouch is a trademark of Thomson. SpeedTouch 是 Thomson 的商標。
VMware is a trademark of VMware, Inc. VMware 是 VMware, Inc. 的商標。
Mathematica is a registered trademark of Wolfram Research, Inc. Mathematica 是 Wolfram Research, Inc 的註冊商標。
XFree86 is a trademark of The XFree86 Project, Inc. XFree86 是 The XFree86 Project, Inc 的商標。
Ogg Vorbis and Xiph.Org are trademarks of Xiph.Org. Ogg Vorbis 以及 Xiph.Org 是 Xiph.Org 的商標。
Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this document, and the FreeBSD Project was aware of the trademark claim, the designations have been followed by the <quote>™</quote> or the <quote>®</quote> symbol. 許多製造商和經銷商使用一些稱為商標的圖案或文字設計來區別自己的產品。 本文件中出現的眾多商標,以及 FreeBSD Project 本身廣所人知的商標,後面將以 <quote>™</quote> 或 <quote>®</quote> 符號來標示。
Welcome to FreeBSD! This handbook covers the installation and day to day use of <emphasis>FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE</emphasis>, <emphasis>FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE</emphasis>, and <emphasis>FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE</emphasis>. This book is the result of ongoing work by many individuals. Some sections might be outdated. Those interested in helping to update and expand this document should send email to the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD documentation project mailing list</link>.
The latest version of this book is available from the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD web site</link>. Previous versions can be obtained from <uri xlink:href=""></uri>. The book can be downloaded in a variety of formats and compression options from the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD FTP server</link> or one of the numerous <link linkend="mirrors-ftp">mirror sites</link>. Printed copies can be purchased at the <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD Mall</link>. Searches can be performed on the handbook and other documents on the <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/search/index.html">search page</link>. 在 <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD 網站</link> 可以找到本手冊的最新版本,舊版文件可從 <uri xlink:href=""></uri> 取得。本文件也提供各種格式與不同壓縮方式的版本可自 <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD FTP 伺服器</link> 或是其中一個 <link linkend="mirrors-ftp">鏡像網站</link> 下載。 列印出來的實體書面資料可在 <link xlink:href="">FreeBSD 商城</link> 購買。 此外,您可在 <link xlink:href="@@URL_RELPREFIX@@/search/index.html">搜尋頁面</link> 中搜尋本文件或其他文件的資料。
Intended Audience 給讀者的話
The FreeBSD newcomer will find that the first section of this book guides the user through the FreeBSD installation process and gently introduces the concepts and conventions that underpin <trademark class="registered">UNIX</trademark>. Working through this section requires little more than the desire to explore, and the ability to take on board new concepts as they are introduced. 若您是第一次接觸 FreeBSD 的新手,可以在本書第一部分找到 FreeBSD 的安裝程序,同時會逐步介紹 <trademark class="registered">UNIX</trademark> 的基礎概念與一些常用、共通的東西。而閱讀這部分並不難,只需要您有探索的精神和接受新概念。
Once you have traveled this far, the second, far larger, section of the Handbook is a comprehensive reference to all manner of topics of interest to FreeBSD system administrators. Some of these chapters may recommend that you do some prior reading, and this is noted in the synopsis at the beginning of each chapter. 讀完這些之後,手冊中的第二部分花很長篇幅介紹的各種廣泛主題,相當值得系統管理者去注意。 在閱讀這些章節的內容時所需要的背景知識,都註釋在該章的大綱裡面,若不熟的話,可在閱讀前先預習一番。
For a list of additional sources of information, please see <xref linkend="bibliography"/>. 延伸閱讀方面,可參閱 <xref linkend="bibliography"/>。
Changes from the Third Edition 自第三版後的主要修訂
The current online version of the Handbook represents the cumulative effort of many hundreds of contributors over the past 10 years. The following are some of the significant changes since the two volume third edition was published in 2004: 您目前看到的這本手冊代表著上百位貢獻者歷時 10 年所累積的心血之作。以下為自 2014 年發佈的兩冊第三版後所做的主要修訂:
<xref linkend="wine"/> has been added with information about how to run <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> applications on FreeBSD. 如何在 FreeBSD 系統安裝 <trademark class="registered">Linux</trademark> 應用程式。
<xref linkend="dtrace"/> has been added with information about the powerful DTrace performance analysis tool. <xref linkend="dtrace"/> 增加說明有關強大的 DTrace 效能分析工具的資訊。
<xref linkend="filesystems"/> has been added with information about non-native file systems in FreeBSD, such as ZFS from <trademark>Sun</trademark>. <xref linkend="filesystems"/> 增加有關 FreeBSD 非原生檔案系統的資訊,如:來自 <trademark>Sun</trademark> 的 ZSF。
<xref linkend="audit"/> has been added to cover the new auditing capabilities in FreeBSD and explain its use. <xref linkend="audit"/> 增加的內容涵蓋 FreeBSD 的新稽查功能及其使用說明。
<xref linkend="virtualization"/> has been added with information about installing FreeBSD on virtualization software. <xref linkend="virtualization"/> 增加有關在虛擬化軟體安裝 FreeBSD 的資訊。
<xref linkend="bsdinstall"/> has been added to cover installation of FreeBSD using the new installation utility, <application>bsdinstall</application>. <xref linkend="bsdinstall"/> 增加的內容涵蓋使用新安裝工具 <application>bsdinstall</application> 來安裝 FreeBSD。
Changes from the Second Edition (2004) 自第二版後的主要修訂 (2004)
The third edition was the culmination of over two years of work by the dedicated members of the FreeBSD Documentation Project. The printed edition grew to such a size that it was necessary to publish as two separate volumes. The following are the major changes in this new edition: 您目前看到的這本手冊第三版是 FreeBSD 文件計劃的成員歷時兩年完成的心血之作。因文件內容成長到一定大小,印刷版需要分成兩冊發佈。新版的主要修訂部分如下:
<xref linkend="config-tuning"/> has been expanded with new information about the ACPI power and resource management, the <command>cron</command> system utility, and more kernel tuning options. <xref linkend="config-tuning"/> 已針對新內容作更新,如:ACPI 電源管理、<command>cron</command> 以及其他更多的核心調校選項說明內容。
<xref linkend="security"/> has been expanded with new information about virtual private networks (VPNs), file system access control lists (ACLs), and security advisories. <xref linkend="security"/> 增加了虛擬私人網路 (VPN)、檔案系統的存取控制 (ACL),以及安全報告。
<xref linkend="mac"/> is a new chapter with this edition. It explains what MAC is and how this mechanism can be used to secure a FreeBSD system. <xref linkend="mac"/> 是此版本新增的章節。該章介紹:什麼是 MAC 機制?以及如何運用它來使您的 FreeBSD 系統更安全。
<xref linkend="disks"/> has been expanded with new information about USB storage devices, file system snapshots, file system quotas, file and network backed filesystems, and encrypted disk partitions. <xref linkend="disks"/> 新增了像是:USB 隨身碟、檔案系統快照 (Snapshot)、檔案系統配額 (Quota) 、檔案與網路為基礎的檔案系統、以及如何對硬碟分割區作加密等詳解。
A troubleshooting section has been added to <xref linkend="ppp-and-slip"/>. <xref linkend="ppp-and-slip"/> 增加了疑難排解的章節。
<xref linkend="mail"/> has been expanded with new information about using alternative transport agents, SMTP authentication, UUCP, <application>fetchmail</application>, <application>procmail</application>, and other advanced topics. <xref linkend="mail"/> 新增有關如何使用其它的傳輸代理程式、SMTP 認證、UUCP、<application>fetchmail</application>、<application>procmail</application> 的運用以及其它進階主題。
<xref linkend="network-servers"/> is all new with this edition. This chapter includes information about setting up the <application>Apache HTTP Server</application>, <application>ftpd</application>, and setting up a server for <trademark class="registered">Microsoft</trademark> <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> clients with <application>Samba</application>. Some sections from <xref linkend="advanced-networking"/> were moved here to improve the presentation. <xref linkend="network-servers"/> 是該版中全新的一章。這一章介紹了如何架設 <application>Apache HTTP 伺服器</application>、<application>ftpd</application> 以及用於支援 <trademark class="registered">Microsoft</trademark> <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> 客戶端的 <application>Samba</application>。其中有些段落來自原先的 <xref linkend="advanced-networking"/> 。
<xref linkend="advanced-networking"/> has been expanded with new information about using <trademark class="registered">Bluetooth</trademark> devices with FreeBSD, setting up wireless networks, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networking. <xref linkend="advanced-networking"/> 新增有關在 FreeBSD 中使用<trademark class="registered">藍牙</trademark>裝置、設定無線網路以及使用非同步傳輸模式 (Asynchronous Transfer Mode, ATM) 網路的介紹。


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How to install<xref linkend="wine"/> has been added with information about how to run <trademark class="registered">LWinuxdows</trademark> applications on a FreeBSD system.
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