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List of flags to be passed to <command>cabal-install</command> during the configuring and building stage. The flags are passed verbatim.
List of executable files installed by the port. Default value: <varname>${PORTNAME}</varname>. Items from this list are automatically added to pkg-plist.
If defined, do not add items from <varname>${EXECUTABLES}</varname> to pkg-plist.
Adds items to <varname>${USE_CABAL}</varname> depending on <literal>opt</literal> option.
Adds items to <varname>${EXECUTABLES}</varname> depending on <literal>opt</literal> option.
If <option>opt</option> is enabled, append the value to <varname>${CABAL_FLAGS}</varname>. Otherwise, append <literal>-value</literal> to disable the flag.
For an executable named <literal>FOO</literal> list Haskell packages, whose data files should be accessible by the executable.
Possible arguments: (none)
Uses Cargo for configuring, building, and testing. It can be used to port Rust applications that use the Cargo build system. For more information see <xref linkend="using-cargo"/>.
Prevents the port from installing <filename>charset.alias</filename>. This must be installed only by <package role="port">converters/libiconv</package>. <varname>CHARSETFIX_MAKEFILEIN</varname> can be set to a path relative to <varname>WRKSRC</varname> if <filename>charset.alias</filename> is not installed by <filename>${WRKSRC}/</filename>.
Possible arguments: (none), <literal>insource</literal>, <literal>noninja</literal>, <literal>run</literal>
Uses <application>CMake</application> for configuring and building.
By default an out-of-source build is performed, leaving the sources in <varname>WRKSRC</varname> free from build artifacts. With the <literal>insource</literal> argument, an in-source build will be performed instead. Setting it should be the exception when a regular out-of-source build does not work.
By default <application>Ninja</application> is used for the build. In some cases this does not work correctly. With the <literal>noninja</literal> argument, the build will fallback to using regular <command>make</command> for builds. It should only be used if a <application>Ninja</application>-based build does not work.
With the <literal>run</literal> argument, a run dependency is registered in addition to a build dependency.
For more information see <xref linkend="using-cmake"/>.
Possible arguments: (none), <literal>env</literal> (default, implicit), <literal>c++17-lang</literal>, <literal>c++14-lang</literal>, <literal>c++11-lang</literal>, <literal>gcc-c++11-lib</literal>, <literal>c++11-lib</literal>, <literal>c++0x</literal>, <literal>c11</literal>, <literal>openmp</literal>, <literal>nestedfct</literal>, <literal>features</literal>
Determines which compiler to use based on any given wishes. Use <literal>c++17-lang</literal> if the port needs a C++17-capable compiler, <literal>c++14-lang</literal> if the port needs a C++14-capable compiler, <literal>c++11-lang</literal> if the port needs a C++11-capable compiler, <literal>gcc-c++11-lib</literal> if the port needs the <command>g++</command> compiler with a C++11 library, or <literal>c++11-lib</literal> if the port needs a C++11-ready standard library. If the port needs a compiler understanding C++0X, C11, OpenMP, or nested functions, the corresponding parameters should be used.
Use <literal>features</literal> to request a list of features supported by the default compiler. After including <filename></filename> the port can inspect the results using these variables:
<varname>COMPILER_TYPE</varname>: the default compiler on the system, either gcc or clang


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